How to cancel Scribd subscription?

How to cancel Scribd subscription?

If you are into reading digital papers and books, a Scribd subscription is a must-have. For a very long time, Scribd has assisted us in completing our research papers and discovering new books from all around the world. But, as we all are losing the sense of passing time and years, it is becoming harder and harder to find any time to have a good read. So, it is better to buy a book, once in a while and read, than just lusting over a digital library with thousands of books, when you will not be able to read even one book each month. Read through the article to find simple ways to cancel the Scribd subscription immediately. How to cancel Scribd subscription via the Scribd website? 1.Open up your Scribd website and log in to your account. 2. Now open a drop-down menu by clicking on your avatar or profile pic, visible at the top right corner of your device. 3. From the drop-down menu, select, “account settings”. 4. This will take you to the Account Settings page, here under the “Membership and Payment details”, you will find, “Cancel Membership”. Click on it to cancel the Scribd paid membership. 5. Now, Scribd will make you go through several pages before finally canceling the Scribd subscription for good. Do as they ask and keep patience. Note: You will receive a confirmation email from Scribd regarding your subscription cancellation. How to cancel the Scribd subscription over email? Write an email to Scribd at, with a subject line, ”Cancel Scribd Subscription.Mention all the details regarding the subscription, and ask them to cancel your subscription before the commencement of the next billing cycle. How To Cancel Scribd Membership On Android? 1. Launch your Scribd app on your Android device. 2. Click on the menu sign, visible at the left top corner of your Android device, to open up the menu. From the menu, select, “Scribd”. 3. Then, click on the, “Manage your Subscription” section, here you will find, “Cancel” button. Click on it to cancel the Scrib subscription. 📺 Video on How to Cancel Scribd subscription on iTunes or iOS devices: Can I get a refund from Scribd? Yes, if the refund is claimed within 30 days for the days that you have not consumed the Scribd subscription due to early cancelation. Past 30 days no claims of refunds are entertained. Sources:
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