How To cancel Scentbird subscription? [2022 Updated]

How To cancel Scentbird subscription? [2022 Updated]

Just Imagine yourself, greeting and moving your way through a gathering of your prestigious colleagues.  Now during this little walk of yours, do you smell bad or good? Obviously, good! Smelling bad, will be a torture to the “Olfactory senses” of your acquaintances, and a taint to your lovely personality. And as the french would say, “A little swirl in the shower of Scents, can’t hurt anyone”. If you have been experimenting with a new customized confession of scents from ScentBirds, then it must have served you well, to find the one magical scent, existing in this world just for you. Now that you have found the right scent for you, it would be in the best financial interest to stop your ongoing experiments with the Scentbird. To cancel the Scentbird subscription, read carefully. How to cancel the Scentbird subscription via the website? Open up the Scentbird website on the web browser.Log in to your Scentbird account.Then, forward to the Manage Subscription section.And click on the Cancel-link to initiate the process of Scentbird subscription.Finally, follow up with the prompted questions before finally giving your confirmation to cancel the Scentbird subscription. How to Cancel Scentbird via Raising a Ticket Online? Head to the Scentbird website on your web browser.Then, tap on the flashing pink Question Mark, visible near the right side of your device.Write to the textbox and press on “Ask the question”.Go to the bottom of the page, and then press on “Submit a Ticket”.And then type in your email and reason to cancel the Scentbird subscription in the form, appeared on your screen.From the first drop-down menu, select “Cancel My Subscription”.Choose a reason to cancel Scentbird subscription from the second drop-down menuHere, you are required to provide details in the description, and then click on, “Submit” to cancel the Scentbird subscription. How to Cancel Scentbird subscription via Email? Compose an email to the Scentbird customer support at, with a subject line, “Cancel the Scentbird subscription”.In the email mention all the details regarding your Scentbird subscription, and ask them to cancel the subscription before the commencement of the next billing cycle. Are There Free Trials With Scentbird? Sometimes you can get a second month for free if you pay for the first one, but the company rarely offers free trial periods as soon as you subscribe.
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