How to reset Samsung Bluetooth

A Bluetooth headset is a device placed over your ear allowing you to receive calls, provided that the phone is connected to the bluetooth device. You can also listen to music, watch movies or listen to audiobooks this way. It could come in handy on a lot of occasions including crowded public transport.  If you are facing issues with connecting your Samsung Bluetooth with your device, or if you want enhanced sound quality, you can try resetting your Bluetooth. Here’s how you can do this on a Samsung Bluetooth: A stepwise guide to reset your Samsung Bluetooth Turn the Bluetooth off Press and hold volume key and power key simultaneously for five seconds Release the keys Press the power button to restart the Bluetooth  And you’re done!
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How to upload photos from Samsung phones

You might want to keep your personal photos on your computer or laptop. However, if you have a Samsung phone you might find it difficult to upload photos as it is model specific. Connecting a USB and then copying from phone to PC, might work for smartphones. However, if you face any difficulty you can consult your phone’s user manual to check what you need to do.  Here’s a general step-by-step guide to upload photos from Samsung phones: Steps to upload photos from Samsung phones Open the Samsung online support page Click cell phones in the mobile section and select your phone and model number from the menu that appears. Click select Click get downloads on the next screen that appearsSelect your language and file type. Most of the files are available in English and Spanish and .pdf and .djvu type respectivelyFollow the instructions on the screen to save your file to the computerOpen this file with a reader and find the section on uploading photosFollow these instructions to upload your photos
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How to reset your Samsung Phone

There may be time when you would either have updated or formatted your cell phones. Resetting phones and retrieving older settings seem to be a tough task for most people. Resetting means you will lose all the changes you’ve made.  Here’s a guide to reset your Samsung phone.  Resetting your Samsung phone  Switch on the phone and click on the menu button Click on settings and select phone settings Select security and select reset settings. Depending on your phone you’ll get the option of restore factory settings or you will be asked which settings are to be restored, display, sound etc Reset phone by selecting restore factory settings or by clicking on all and confirm by clicking yes button Reset your Samsung cell phone to implement the setting changes
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How to register my Samsung TV

The way people now approach watching TV has altered drastically. With the advent of OTTs and tablets, the craze of owning a TV, especially, a Samsung TV, is quite different. Therefore, if you are planning to get a new Samsung TV set, registering it with the manufacturer can save you from a ton of trouble. It enables Samsung to send you any due recalls, protects warranties, and offers you access to information and ongoing support and contact. Here’s how you can get yourself registered: Steps to Register your Samsung TV Copy your serial number and registration number which you will find on the back of your set or on the right side of your set in a small label Visit the Samsung website and click on the product registration link on the top right  You’ll be asked for some information such as name, email and zip code. Fill in all the fields and click on the submit button You will be directed to a My Samsung screen click on the My Account tab  Fill in the Product information fields. You would need to fill everything marked with a red asterisk. You may choose to not fill in other fields. This is where you will need your serial number  The next screen, Preferences, will ask you to select information which Samsung should send you if any. If you want you can fill in the additional information. Once you’re done click submit buttonClick Ok on the Account Updated Successfully alert that pops up and you’re done.
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How to cancel the echo on a cell phone

You might be struggling with your voice echoing while on an important call. This is something that has been present ever since we started using cell phones. The reason for this echo is mostly sidetone, because of which you hear your own voice through the phone or else the line appears dead. However, this is being worked on and many cell phones now have inbuilt echo-canceling mechanisms, but these can also malfunction sometimes. Here’s what you can try to cancel the echo: Try moving to some other place. Especially when you are in the proximity of varying electronic signalsIf you are short on battery try charging your cell phone and clear the running apps. Running so many apps on little battery might be causing the sidetone If nothing works out, ask the person on the other end to call again later. Hang up the call and switch off your device and then switch it back on. A new call means a new connection, in case the echo is just a fluke it will go away with a new call If possible, check your phone’s echo cancellation. Turn it off if it’s on and vice versa. If your echo cancelation is off turning it on should resolve the issue. If your echo cancellation is on turning it off might help in case the feature is malfunctioning.
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