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Cancel Rent the Runway Subscription Right Away!

Cancel Rent the Runway Subscription Right Away!

In a Marie Cando world, living vicariously through a few pieces of clothes, that bring you joy, is very hard! I mean, I don’t know how many times I have stood across my overfilled closet, wondering where my awesome clothes go when I need them.  It is like that the women of earth want a clean closet, filled with a world of dresses, just ready to be worn by them. Rent The Runway, the company literally heard this secret desire, and just went ahead to merge all our closets!  But, now there are just so many other options similar to RTR, which can cater better to your style and budget. So, if you are looking to break free from RTR, you have come across the right place. How to cancel Rent The Runway membership over email? To cancel the RTR subscription, you are required to email them at Things you need to keep in mind while canceling the RTR subscription: Subject Line: To highlight your email from the rest of the RTR inbox, you should include a clear subject, “Subscription Cancellation Request”.Information: Include all the information regarding your subscription plan and the reason for cancelation.Documents to Attach: Early cancelation can attract a fine if you have not returned the rented packages. So, attach all the details of returned packages for the current billing cycle.Email address: Use the same email that you used to create an account with Rent The Runway. How to Cancel Rent the Runway Over the Phone? You can reach the RTR over the phone. Just dial the Rent the Runway customer service on 1-800-509-0842. Working hours : Monday to Friday — 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ESTSaturday & Sunday — 9 a.m. to 3 pm. EST How to Cancel Rent the Runway on Twitter? Directly DM or tag in your tweets, the RTR following Twitter accounts:  main one   @RTRHelp
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