How to see downvotes in Reddit

Reddit users can upvote or downvote posts. However, you may not be able to check out the upvotes and downvotes but the net vote count only. Net vote count simply means the difference between upvotes and downvotes (upvotes – downvotes) and the percentage of positive and negative votes on any post across any thread on Reddit.  Post’s vote totals You can find vote totals on Reddit’s front page or the forum’s front, placed right adjacent to the post.  Comment’s vote totals You can see a comment’s vote totals placed adjacent to the comment Steps to find rough vote distribution numbers Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t offer real-time vote count primarily for two reasons. The main cause could be to prevent spammers from checking out filtered comments. The second reason could be replacing a fuzzed-up system where the net was exact but the votes were adjusted randomly.  Here’s how you can access the rough vote count on a Reddit post: From a Reddit page, click on a comment link to find the corresponding post  Check for the upvote percentage on the thread page
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How do I find friends on Reddit?

Reddit has gained plenty of popularity since its inception in 2005. Reddit is almost everyone’s go-to-place for so many things! To access Reddit, find and follow friends, you’ll need a Reddit account.  You can check out some of the features of Reddit here: Reddit user basics In order for you to be able to post and access content, you need a Reddit account. Having a Reddit account ensures that you keep all your posts and discussions on your profile. You gain karma by upvoting. This karma is also visible on your profile and is helpful in assessing your credibility.  Finding friends on Reddit Reddit does not allow users to find friends directly. However, you can find them through the search tool available on the website. Here’s how you can do it: Put the prefix “u/” with the username you are searching for and click search You will be directed to a page showing all the possible search results. Scroll through these and find who you’re looking for Steps to search Reddit with Google A google search for Reddit works similar to a search on Reddit itself. However, google search is comparatively wider and your best chance to find your deleted or older posts.  Launch your browser Put the username you’re searching for in the search box with “u/” as its prefix Tap the search button and look through the search results that appear on your screen
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How to get a short URL on Reddit

Reddit has an inbuilt feature to shorten links for sharing. You can access this in the toolbar without any external browser extensions. Your toolbar will automatically shorten every URL once you visit it. Here’s all you need to know about this feature: Click on the “Preferences” option on any page on RedditSelect “Display links with a Reddit toolbar” option Save your changes and go back to the main page You will find the toolbar at the top of every page you visit. Any link you visit appears in the toolbar shortened automatically. Shortening other URLs The inbuilt URL shortener on Reddit works efficiently. But, it works only to redirect you on the comment page. However, you can use any URL shortening sites such as, and tiny URL etc, to shorten any other link you might wish to compress including that of posts itself.
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