2022 New Solution: Return RCN Equipment

2022 New Solution: Return RCN Equipment

Returning the RCN equipment is very important otherwise it will always reflect on your credit history and can make your life difficult depending on the worth of the products that you have with you. So, just follow the given below guide and make sure to get a receipt on returning the product in working condition. Things to know before returning RCN Equipment: Not returning the RCN equipment will attract a penalty.RCN does not charge any early termination fee.Equipment that you have to return as per the service you are utilizing: Converter Boxes- including Single Tuner, Dual Tuner, Digital, HDTV, DVRCable CardsCable Modems- including 1-Way and 2-Way Modems, VOIP Modems, and Home Networking Modems How to return RCN equipment in person? Step 1: Call the RCN customer care at 18777267000 to check whether the nearest RCN store will be able to receive your equipment. Step 2: If they are available to receive the equipment, pack the equipment and drop it at the store. Step 3: Ask for the receipt. How to return the RCN equipment via mail? Step 1: Ask for the return shipping label from the RCN via this link: https://www.rcn.com/hub/customer-center/equipment-return-form/ Step 2: Carefully check the label for any mistakes, and print it. Step 3: Carefully pack the RCN equipment, and paste the label on the box. Remove any previous stamps of labels to avoid any kind of confusion. Step 4: Check the nearest FedEx https://www.fedex.com/locate/. And drop the package.  Note: Until the RCN receives the equipment in satisfying working condition, the customer has to bear the cost of delivery. RCN on checking the condition of the returned equipment will pay back the customer the cost of shipment within the 30days from the date of receiving the returned RCN equipment, at the RCN office. How to return the RCN equipment via scheduling a call with RCN? Step 1: Dial  (800) 746-4726 to connect with the RCN customer care. Step 2: Share the details related to your account, and ask them to schedule a pick-up for your equipment. Step 3: Be available at the scheduled slot, let them uninstall, and take the equipment back to RCN. Step 4: Ask for the receipt. Note: RCN charges a fee of 54.95$ to pick up the equipment from your place.
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