Reddit can really get on your nerves a lot of times. Making you read thousands of websites and posting-commenting on Reddit for endless hours.

It is crazy.

So, if you want to cancel some comments, posts, or the premium subcription to calm down your nerd horses, I understand.

And below are 4 methods to do so.

How Can I Delete Posts and Comments on Reddit?

Step 1: Open up the Reddit website, and Log in to your account.

Reddit - Login Screen

Step 2: Select, “Posts” option from the above menu bar.

Reddit - Posts and Comments

Step 3: Hit on the three dots to open up an overflow menu. From the menu select “Delete”.

Reddit - Delete Post

Note : To delete the comment you have to follow the same procedure, as deceived above.

📺How To Delete Reddit Account Permanently

How Can I Delete My Reddit Account via website?

Step 1: Click on the right top corner of your screen to open up the menu . From the menu select the, ‘User Settings”.

Reddit - User Settings

Step 2: Scroll through the page to the bottom. And hit “Deactivate Account”.

Reddit - Deactivate Account

Step 3:  Provide a reason to deactivate your account. If you think it will be helpful for Reddit to create a better product.

Step 4: Provide  your username and password. 

Reddit - Deactivate Screen

Step 5: Check the box next to the, ‘I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable.’ 

Step 6: Click on the activated, “Deactivate” button.

Reddit - Confirm Delete

Step 7: In case you used the Google account or Apple ID to create an account with Reddit. Then, click “Disconnect” next to them.

📺How to Delete ALL Your Reddit Comments!

How to Delete Your Account via Reddit app?

Step 1: Open up the Reddit app and log into your account.

Reddit -Login Phone

Step 2: Click on the top right corner icon to visit your profile. And select, “Settings”.

Reddit - Settings Phone

Step 3: Next, Select, “Help FAQ”.

Reddit - Settings Options Phone

Step 4: Search,“Deactivate” in the search box, on the opened page.

Step 4: Click the article link, “How do I deactivate my account?”.

Reddit - Search Deactivate Phone

Step 5: Click, “this link”, given in the article.

Reddit -Deactivate Article Phone

Step 6: Provide a reason to cancel the Reddit subscription, user name, pass word, and select, “Deactivate Account”.

Reddit -Deactivate Screen Phone

Step 5: Check the box, next to the statement, “I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable”.

Step 6: Hit, “deactivate account” 

Step 7: Follow the prompts and complete the account deactivation process.

📺 Deleting ALL of Your Reddit Posts!

I have a Reddit Premium Subscription. How do I Delete My subscription via Apple App store?

Step 1: Open the Apple store.

Step 2: Go to the menu. Select, “Subscriptions”.

Step 3: Select, “ Reddit”.

Step 4: Select, “Manage”.

Step 5: Select, “Cancel Subscription”. Follow the prompts to cancel the subscription.