How to cancel Protonmail [2022 Best Fix]

How to cancel Protonmail [2022 Best Fix]

Protonmail is a product by Proton, in addition to its VPN, Proton App, Proton Drive, and Proton Calendar.  While Protonmail provides you end-to-end encryption and services for all the iOS as well as Android apps, you won’t find 2-factor authentication, IMAP, POP access for free accounts, and a way to organize emails. Which you can do with other products available in the market. So, if you are looking for 2-factor verification for your free account, you should cancel the Protonmail subscription and go for other products. How To cancel your ProtonMail subscription online? Step 1: Get into your ProtonMail account, by signing in. Step 2:  Then tap the Settings icon to open up a drop-down menu. From the menu go to the settings page. Step 3: Then, click ‘Payments from the navigation panel on your left side. Step 4: Here you can either opt for another plan or select the free plan, to stop your running subscription. Step 5: Afterwards, follow the prompted queries to complete the process. How to delete your Protonmail account? Step 1: From the homepage of Protonmail, go to the settings page. Step 2: Here, opt for the “Password & recovery” option from the left-side navigation bar. Step 3: Then, scroll down the page, looking for, “Delete your account” button. And hit the button. Step 4:  Finally, opt for a reason to delete the account, and hit, “Delete”. Note: By deleting the account you will lose access to all the Proton apps, including ProtonVPN, Proton Drive, and Proton Calendar.  How to cancel Protonmail subscription via email? Step 1: Compose an email addressed to, requesting the cancelation of the subscription for Protonmail.  Step 2:  Include all the details regarding your Protonmail account, and ask the representative to cancel the subscription as soon as possible. 📺 Bonus Video: How to Delete ProtonMail Account – Delete ProtonVPN
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