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How to cancel Planet Fitness subscription?

How to cancel Planet Fitness subscription?

Are you a cardio person, or an equipment person? Maybe you are a Belly dance, or the air yoga type, who knows? Finding what type of fitness regime suits your mood and your needs, without making you too uncomfortable that you hide in procrastination, is very important. Maybe Planet Fitness is not right for you. You don’t feel comfortable running on treadmills in front of strangers, a closed room feels more like your style. So, be it. Finding a perfect regime is like finding a career you are passionate about. And it is very much possible that you like fusion, or combining different workouts. Well, whatever it may be, if your current experience at Planet Fitness has made you feel that it is not for you, cancel their subscription, and pick something else. How to cancel Planet Fitness via phone? If you switched places, and cannot go to the nearby Planet Fitness center then, calling the Planet Fitness representative will be the best option for you. Dial in 844-880-7180 to contact Planet Fitness’s customer care representative.Ask them to cancel the Planet Fitness membership. 📺 Video on How to cancel Planet Fitness Membership by App: How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership in person? Visit the nearby Planet Fitness center.Then, ask for the form to cancel the Planet fitness membership.Complete the form and submit.Remind the receptionist to send over a confirmation email when your Planet fitness is canceled. 📺 Video on how to cancel Planet fitness membership in person and by letter: How to get a refund for Planet Fitness gym membership? Planet Fitness does not provide any refund, for canceling your membership early in the billing cycle. 📺How much does it cost to cancel Planet Fitness membership? Source:
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