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Learn in 30 Seconds: How To cancel Peacock account and Unsubscribe Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus.

Learn in 30 Seconds: How To cancel Peacock account and Unsubscribe Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus.

Peacock TV has sufficed the thirst for shows, night-shows, sports, news, theaters, and concerts. Recently, Miley Cyrus kicked off her Pride concert on Peacock TV, giving millions of people a chance to binge the concert on 4k quality. I mean, gripping shows from all walks of life, concerts, and live streaming of sports, events, night-show, and movies, this all-in-one package is a pretty sweet deal. And you can even get the non-4k quality for free. So, can’t say for everybody, but if you are an introvert or captive of your situation, this is as good as you can imagine. But, if you are moving out of the US, then there are chances, that you won’t find the Peacock TV facility. So, it is better to cancel the Peacock TV subscription beforehand. How Can I cancel the Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus subscription? Wondering how to cancel my Peacock premium subscription. Well wonder no more, we have researched and listed the fastest way to cancel the Peacock premium subscription in 2021. Now, be mindful of the fact that you cannot cancel or change any of the Peacock subscription plans from the Apple or Google Play store. The only way to cancel a Peacock subscription yourself is through the Peacock website. So, let’s hit the road. Step 1: Directly head to the Peacock website and sign in to your account with which you purchased the subscription in the first place. Step 2: After signing in to the Peacock account you will find yourself on the homepage of the website. Here, you are supposed to look for the profile avatar. Click on it to open up a menu.  Step 3: From the menu navigates to the “Plans and Payment” screen. Step 4: Afterward, select the plan you are looking to cancel. Then select “Change Plan” Step 5: Now the website will list all the plans available and the perks you are enjoying with the ongoing plan. Ignore the persuasion to stick to the plan, and select the free plan. Then, confirm this decision by clicking on the “Change Plan” button. Step 6: This will trigger a pop-up on your screen, with all the shows that you will lose by switching to the free plan and for how long you will have access to the paid plan.  Again, ignore the persuasion and select the, “Switch to Free” to opt-out from the Peacock premium plan. Note: Following the above process you can only downgrade your on-running Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus subscription plan to free-plan. How to cancel the Peacock subscription on Roku? Step 1: Pick up your Roku remote, and press the home button, with the home icon on it. Step 2: Navigate to the channel list, and highlight the Peacock channel. Step 3: Now click the * button while highlighting the Peacock channel. Step 4: This will trigger a pop-up menu, from this menu select the, “Manage subscription”. Step 5: This will trigger another popup with an option “Cancel Subscription”, click on it to cancel the subscription. How do I cancel my Peacock subscription via Paypal?  Step 1: Go straight to the PayPal website and sign in to your account  Step 2: Then, select, “Settings” from the top menu. Step 3: Now, look for the “ Payment”, and then head to, “Manage Automatic Payment”, by clicking on it. Step 4: You will be able to find the Peacock option, below the Automatic Payment tab. Select it. Step 5: Here, click on the cancel button to discontinue Peacock paid subscription. How to permanently delete the Peacock account? Deleting the Peacock account is more tricky than downgrading a Peacock premium plan to a free plan. Step 1: First of all, you are required to access Peacock Help Center via this link on your web browser. Peacock TV Help Center Page Step 2: Then navigate your way to the “How Do I delete My Account?” page via following the sequence: Peacock Help center < Managing My Account < How Do I delete My account? Step 3: Navigate to the Peacock Privacy page by clicking on the given link on the “How do I delete my account?” page.  Step 4: Then, Peacock will make you read a long list of your Privacy rights. Scroll through the page and look for “deletion request link” Note: This link only works for US residents, if you are not a US resident then you are required to email Peacock at and ask them to cancel your Peacock account, and ask for a confirmation email. Step 5: Now, if you have opened up the Peacock account deletion link, then you will find yourself on the NBC Universal Rights Request Portal page. Here, you are provided with two options: Delete My InformationAccess My Information So, just fill out all the information and either delete your information from their servers or access what info they have on you. 📺 Bonus Video to learn how to Cancel Peacock subscription. And, here’s a quick video on how to delete your account on Peacock TV: Source:
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