How to Cancel Patreon subscription? [5 Successful Methods]

How to Cancel Patreon subscription? [5 Successful Methods]

Every revolution is birthed and nurtured by Artists of our kind. They make every thought into an “Unseen FIRE”, ready to enlighten the unknown dark. Living the life of an artist is inspirational, but tough. Going through long phases of mental blocks before coming up with the next sensational show is like challenging death. So belonging to this giant earth-species community, it falls on us to support the soldiers of humanities. And Patreon has been helping to do the same. But, you are required to carefully select the artist you want to support. In case, the existing artist, that you were supporting, does not need your support anymore, cancel your Patreon pledge, and wait until you find the next triggering artist that you would like to support to flourish. Now, follow through the described process to cancel your Patreon pledge or your Patreon account. How to Cancel Patreon Pledge from your web browser? Open up your Patreon website and log in to your account.Then open up the drop-down menu from the upper right corner of your screen and select, “Manage Memberships” from the menu.Afterward, go to the “Active Memberships” page and then select “edit” for the pledge you don’t want to continue supporting.Click the “Edit or Cancel Payment” button, and then click on “Cancel Your Payment” on the triggered pop-up.  How to cancel the Patreon Pledge from the iOS Patreon app? First of all, open up the Patreon app on your iOS device, and sign in.Search the pledge you want to cancel, in the search bar.Then, click on the three dots in the upper corner, followed by clicking on the “Edit Pledge”.Then find the “Edit or Cancel Payment” button, and click on it. And then finally tap on the “Cancel your Payment” option and confirm your decision to cancel the Patreon Pledge subscription from the iOS app. How to cancel Patreon Pledge from the Android Patreon app? Open up the Patreon application on your Android device and then log in to your account.Afterward, click on the “Account” button, and then select the memberships mentioned below your names.In the same breath, click on the pencil image, visible next to the pledge you don’t wish to continue.Then select “Edit or Cancel Payment” to trigger the process of cancellation.Finally, tap on “Cancel your Payment” and confirm.  How to cancel your Patreon account via a website? Go to the Patreon website, and Sign in to your Patreon account.Then go to the “My Profile Settings” tab, and select “My User Settings”.Now, go to the bottom of the page and click on the “Disabled account” button, click on it.Finally, enter your Patreon password and re-confirm your decision to cancel the Patreon Pledge commitment. Note: Do not forget to disable your Google and Facebook accounts if they are linked to your Patreon Pledge profile. How to Cancel Patreon over the phone? Call 714-815-5524 to connect with the Patreon customer service, and ask them to cancel your Patreon pledge.
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