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Cancel Paramount Plus subscription, the 2021 way.

Cancel Paramount Plus subscription, the 2021 way.

Paramount got Star Trek, like a lot of it. And then, there are original shows from CBS and Paramount. But, Paramount still won’t be able to serve your need if you are a fan of a genre like horror, detective show, travel, or cooking, or other rare beauties. And you can always found some other streaming facility to suffice your inner “Explorer’s” need, with Dawn for games or CuirosityStream for documentaries. So, if you have decided to try something new, let us help you in walking down another aisle, and part from Paramount Plus. How to cancel Paramount Plus subscription on Via Step 1: Visit on your web browser, and log in to your account. Step 2: Select your initials from the right top corner, to open up a menu, from the menu select “Account.” Step 3: Finally, look for the “Cancel subscription” button, and select it to end the subscription. Video on How Do I cancel Paramount Plus online: How to cancel Paramount subscription on iPhone or iPad? Step 1: Directly, head to the “Settings” app, on your iOS device. Step 2: Tap on your name, visible on the top of your screen, to open up a list of options, in front of you. Step 3: From the list of options on your screen, select Subscriptions. This will open a list of subscriptions on your screen. Step 4: Select Paramount subscription. Step 5: Finally, select “Cancel Subscription” 📺 Video on how to cancel Paramount Plus subscription on iPhone. How to cancel Paramount Plus subscription on Apple TV (4th generation and later)? Step 1: Open up Settings on your Apple TV. Step 2: Then, select Users & Accounts < Accounts.. Step 3: Afterward, select “Subscriptions”. Step 4: Choose Paramount subscription, and hit the “Cancel Subscription” button to cancel it How to cancel a Paramount Plus subscription on an Android phone, tablet, or TV? Step 1: Visit, or Google Play Store. Step 2: Hit the hamburger menu on the left of your screen, and from the menu select the “Subscriptions”. Then from the list of subscriptions, select Paramount subscription. Step 3: Hit, “Cancel subscription”. Step 4: Finally, provide a response to prompted queries, and cancel the subscription. How to cancel Paramount Plus subscription on Fire TV or FireStick? Step 1: Directly head to the “Your Memberships and Subscriptions” section, by clicking on this link: Step 2: Then select, “Manage Subscription”. Step 3: Select “Manage Your Prime Video Channels.” Step 4: Now, just below the “Prime Video Channels” section, look for Paramount Step 5: Hit “Cancel Channel” for it and confirm your decision. How to cancel Paramount Plus subscription on Roku? Step 1: Open up the homepage for Paramount subscription Step 2: Highlight the Paramount channel and hit the “*” button on your Roku remote, to open up the menu. Step 3: From the triggered menu on the screen, select Manage Subscription. Step 4: Finally, hit “Cancel Subscription”, to cancel the Paramount subscription. Video on How to cancel Paramount Plus on Roku: How can I cancel Paramount Plus subscription on Apple TV channels? Step 1:Connect to the Apple Customer Support at (800) 275-2273 Step 2: And provide him/her all the details regarding your account, and ask him to cancel the Paramount subscription. Source:
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