How to Cancel Origin [3 Best Solution]

How to Cancel Origin [3 Best Solution]

Origin can get monotonous a lot of times. And if you are like me who drives her adrenal rush from playing different games. Then, after playing a lot of Origin, you would definitely want to switch to some other game. To cancel the Origin subscription pick one of the four methods given below and cancel the subscription. How Can I Cancel Origin Membership From My EA Profile? Step 1: Visit: https://bit.ly/3CuMcnt . Get into your EA/Origin account. Step 2: Select, “EA Play”. Step 3: Select, “Manage My Membership”. Step 4: Select, “Cancel My Membership”. And follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process. 📺🔴How to Delete EA Origin account🔴 | How to Cancel EA Origin account https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGP4y7GjYQ0 How Can I Cancel Origin Membership via the EA Help Center? Step 1: Get in to your EA/Origin account. Step 2: Visit the help center. Step 3: Select, “Contact Us”. Step 4: Select, “EA Play icon”. Step 5: Select the platform you are playing on. Step 6: Select, “Manage my memberships”. Step 7: Select, “Cancel membership” < “contact option”. Step 8: Pick via which method you want to contact: live chat, phone, or email. How do I cancel my EA account on ps5? Step 1: Get into your PlayStation account via id.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com. Step 2: Select, “Subscription”. Step 3: Turn Off button for EA Play membership. 📺How To Cancel Origin Access Membership Can I get a refund on EA Play? You are entitled for refund within the first 24 hrs of launching the game, and in case you have not launched the game, then for 14 days, since the day you purchased it, you are entitled to ask for refund. Source: https://www.origin.com/ind/en-us/store/origin-access/faq
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