How to cancel an Onstar subscription in a Jiff

How to cancel an Onstar subscription in a Jiff

Onstar is a household name for being your “Safety Assistance” when you are in the car. Millions of people use Ostar to provide them turn-by-turn navigation, automatic crash response, no-touch calls, stolen vehicle assistance, Extreme weather assistance while providing 24/7 Onstar customer care support. I mean, Onstar creators thought of everything. They also don’t share your data without your permission.  But, if you are selling your car, then there is no point in keeping up with the Onstar subscription. As Onstar makes sure to personalize a few settings as per your needs to help you out during emergencies. And, most probably your personal information will be of no use to the next owner of the vehicle. So, it will be in the best interest of everybody to cancel the Onstar subscription. To successfully cancel the Onstar subscription, read carefully. How to cancel the Onstar subscription via phone? Onstar is run on the phone. So, to even cancel an Onstar subscription, you have to talk to their representative and provide the necessary details, as requested. Step 1: Dial on 1-888-466-7827 to talk to the representatives of Onstar. Step 2: Ask them to cancel Onstar’s subscription. Note: You can contact Onstar’s representative by pressing the Blue Onstar button on your vehicle.   How to remove the Onstar module from your car? Open up your Trunk.Remove the Trunk mate, Spare wheel, and steel plate, to see the interior of the trunk of your car.Around the interior of the trunk, you will find a silver metal box with an Onstar logo.Disconnect all the plugs in the Onstar box, and check whether the line is dead, if so, you have successfully removed the Onstar module from your car.
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