How to cancel the Nurx subscription?

How to cancel the Nurx subscription?

Let me just congratulate you for being the responsible person on this earth, and taking care of your sexual desires at the same time. Now, maybe you have started planning for some little Master or Miss to arrive or got yourself a permanent fix against getting pregnant. I don’t have any business to rub my nose in your business and get a whiff about your ongoing life. So, I will give my nagging a little bit of rest. And actually, help you out for which you came looking here. Ahead, I have curated a list of 3 simple ways with which you can cancel the Nurx subscription before the commencement of your next billing cycle. How To Cancel Nurx Refills over the phone? Dial-in 800-321-NURX and ask the representative to cancel your NURX SUBSCRIPTION.Cooperate with the representative, if possible use the same number to contact the NURX that you used to sign up with them  Note: The available hours for the Nurx customer support center is between: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. How To Cancel Nurx Refills via NURX App on Android/iOS device? Launch the Nurx app on your device and log in to your NURX account.Then, look for “Nurx Messenger” and click on itAfterward, send in that, “I want to cancel my NURX subscription”.Finally, you will be asked to answer a few queries before finally canceling the NURX subscription. How can I put the NURX subscription on hold? First of all, log in to your account from the app.Click on the account icon, on your screen.Then, select Subscriptions< Next RefillFinally, provide a new date and press SaveYou might be required to provide a reason for your actions. Note: In case if your insurance is providing for your drugs, then you have to cover the cost of any required earlier subscription. Things you need to be mindful of before canceling the Nurx subscription. You need to put your cancelation request within the first 48 hrs of receiving a notification from NURX informing you about your next deliveries.The on-the-way deliveries can not be canceled.
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