How to cancel the NOW TV subscription?

How to cancel the NOW TV subscription?

If you are like me, who watches her favorite shows on repeat. I mean just yesterday, I completed Rake on Netflix, and yet I’m ready to have another go on it. (Really recommend Rake, if you are into Law and Order kinda shows) Now, without derailing further from the topic. I know, it is a huge turn-off, when your favorite shows pull a “Disappearance Act” away from your current streaming app facility. Leaving it to you to decide which new show you wanna watch from thousands of uncomfortable choices. With NOW TV you must have found that shows usually disappear after a while. And if you wanna watch a show with a difficult accent, it is possible that they won’t have subtitles for that show.  And with more user-friendly features, NOW TV price gets expensive. Overall, sometimes NOW TV can give you a feeling as if it is not worth it. If you too think so and wanna break, follow through with the described procedure to cancel your NOW TV subscription. How to cancel NOW TV subscription via the website? Open up the NOW TV website, and sign in to your NOW TV accountThen select, “Passes & Vouchers” from the menu by clicking on, “My Passes and Devices”.Then select the Pass that you want to cancel by selecting, “Cancel Pass”, for the respective NOW TV Pass.  Then provide a reason for canceling the NOW TV.Avoid persuasion to stay, and then select ‘I Still Want to Cancel’ to cancel the NOW TV pass.Then you will receive the confirmation for the cancellation of the NOW TV pass. 📺 Bonus Video On How to Cancel Now TV subscription How to cancel NOW TV from the phone? Call the NOW TV customer care by dialing 0800500212.Ask them to cancel the NOW TV pass that you want to cancel. How to delete the NOW TV account over email? Email the NOW TV customer care at customerservice@nowtv.comWith the subject line, “ Request to Delete my account”. Source:
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