Cancel Noom Subscription & Account, without losing the appetite {101 Solutions}

Cancel Noom Subscription & Account, without losing the appetite {101 Solutions}

Noom has helped women lose weight by eating low-calorie healthy food. You get the daily low-calorie diet chart to consume on a daily basis. And you have to maintain a strict diet as described by Noom.  Noom app motivates you to stick to the diet plan, maintain the diet, and track your weight loss. It is a decent strategy to lose weight. But, at the end of the day, it is all you, keeping yourself away from the yummy food. And in the initial months, it is very much possible that you won’t lose much weight to keep yourself motivated. And the people on dieting are always on the edge, waiting for something or someone to bite on. You are better off with the Noom app. How can I cancel my Noom subscription or trial? Step 1: Launch opens the Noom app on your iOS or Android device. Step 2: Log into the Noom app, and head to the “Settings” section. Step 3: Click on the, “Manage subscription” Note: the interface for the iOS device and Android device are different. Step 4: Now, on scrolling down the page you will find an option to cancel your subscription. Select the option, and follow the prompted steps to complete the cancelation process. How to cancel the Noom subscription via the Noom website?  Step 1: Click here to open up the Noom portal, and log in to the portal using the same credentials as your Noom app. Note: If you don’t remember the password, you can reset the password using this link! Step 2: Now, on the home page, you will find the “Cancel Subscription” button, click it to cancel the subscription, and complete the process by following the prompted queries. How to cancel the Noom subscription via email? Step 1: Write an email to, with the subject line “Cancel the Noom subscription”. Step 2: Include all the details regarding your account, and ask them to cancel the subscription. How to cancel the Noom subscription via chat? Step 1: Head to Noom app on your device.  Step 2: Now, at the top right corner of your screen, you will find a ‘Blue Chat’ button. Tap the button. Step 3: Finally message your ‘Goal Specialist”, asking them to cancel the subscription. Step 4: Over the chat, you will receive a link to open, and complete the process of cancelation. 📺 Bonus Video: What is Noom diet | Can you cancel Noom at any time How To Cancel Noom Subscription Account On iPhone? Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ of your Apple iPhone device. Step 2: Select, the ‘iTunes and App Store’ option. Step 3: Now, tap your Apple ID on the top of your screen, then hit on the ‘View Apple ID’. Step 4: Re-sign in if asked again. Step 5: Then, click the ‘Subscription’ option. Step 6:  A list of subscriptions will open up on your screen. Step 7: Select, ‘Noom’ subscription. Step 8: Click the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button, and follow the process ahead to complete the process. How To Get A Refund from Noom? Step 1: Open up the Noom app, and tap the blue chat button. Step 2: Type in your request to receive the refund for the early cancelation. Step 3: Wait for email confirmation, regarding your request to receive the refund. Source: How can I view & cancel my Noom subscription or trial? (iOS)
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