How to Cancel Nintendo subscription?

How to Cancel Nintendo subscription?

Who has not played a Nintendo game? I remember the first time I saw a Nintendo game, it was 2006, and my cousins were showing off as usual. They treated it as some royalty, they possessed. Well, indeed it was. Nintendo has been entertaining us from time immemorial and acquires our most fond memories of childhood and adulthood. It is still an interesting option to play but has too many competitors in the market to compete with. If you have some other game in mind to try your hand at, I say you do you, and cancel the Nintendo subscription. Read on to know how to cancel Nintendo. How to cancel the Nintendo from your Switch console? Open up the Nintendo eShop on the Switch console on your device.Then, click on your profile picture or your avatar, visible at the top end corner of your screen. Thereafter, scroll down, until you find the Nintendo Switch Online.Finally, select “Turn Off Automatic Renewal” and your “Turn off”.Remember, to cancel the Nintendo you will be required to cancel 48 hours before the end of your running billing cycle. How to cancel the Nintendo from a web browser? Open up the Nintendo’s website, and then log in to your Nintendo account by clicking on the red box, visible near the top right corner of your screen.Then click on your avatar, and it can be seen near the top right corner of your screen.Then, a panel will appear in front of you with the options. From that panel, select “Settings”.Click the Shop menu on the left, this will open up the User Info.From the User Info, open up your payment information for the Nintendo Account.Scroll down this page, and click on Your Subscriptions. Then, select “Check Nintendo Switch Online membership status”, highlighted in red.This will make your current plan appear in front of you, then click on, “Turn Off Automatic Renewal” to cancel your Nintendo subscription.
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