Most Common Netflix Site Errors

Whether you’re in the midst of binge-watching your favorite show or have just settled in for family movie night, getting hit with a Netflix site error is incredibly frustrating. Especially if you have no idea what it means.  To help, here are the most common errors and how to fix them: 1. Netflix Error Code NW-2-5  The NW-2-5 error code typically points to a network connectivity issue. In fact, the majority of Netflix site error codes that begin with NW suggests a network problem. This includes NW-1-19, NW 3-6. The exception is NW-4-7, which can also mean that the data on your device needs to be updated.  The NW-2-5 code in particular is most likely to pop up if you’re using an Xbox, PS4, or Smart TV. How to Fix it Start by checking your internet connection. Try restarting the wifi directly at the router and/or modem or restart your device entirely.  If that doesn’t fix the issue, you can connect your device to the modem using an Ethernet cable. 2. Netflix Error Code 1011 & 1012 These are two of the most common Netflix errors for the iPad and iPhone. They typically mean that your device is experiencing a connectivity issue. How to Fix it You may have to reset the Netflix app on your iPad or iPhone: Open SettingsLocate the Netflix tabChoose the option to resetOpen the app again and sign back in.  If that fails, you can delete the app and reinstall it, restart the wifi using the router and/or modem, or restarting your device. 3. Netflix Error Code 12001 This is a common error code for Androids and usually points to an issue with out-of-date information stored on the Netflix app that needs to be cleared before you continue to watch. How to Fix it In order to resolve the 12001 error:  Open SettingsGo to the Application ManagerChoose the Netflix tabTap clear data, then hit OK.  If that doesn’t work, try restarting the wifi using the router and/or modem, or restarting your device. 4. Neftlix Error Code 1016 This is another common error that often pops up on iPhones and iPads. You’ll typically experience error code 1016 when you have a spotty wifi connection. How to Fix it Reset the wifi connection on your iPhone or iPad first. You can do so by: Swipe down from the corner of your home screen and putting your device on airplane mode by tapping on the airplane icon Wait 30 seconds then tap on the airplane icon again to turn airplane mode offRestart the Netflix app.  If that hasn’t fixed the problem, you may have to restart your wifi entirely using your router and/or modem.  5. Netflix Error Code UI-800-3  This code typically indicates that the data on the Netflix app has become corrupted, which can cause an issue when connecting to the Netflix server. How to Fix it To resolve this error, you have a few options:  Refresh the data on the device you’re using by clearing the cache.Sign out and back into Netflix Delete and reinstall the Netflix app entirely 6. Netflix Error Code UI-113  This is a common error Netflix users of almost all devices come across. It reads: We’re Having a Problem Starting Netflix. The UI-113 code typically indicates an issue with the data stored on the Netflix app on your device. How to Fix it You’ll have to refresh the data and check that the streaming services on Netflix are working by going to on a computer.  If it’s working, you can troubleshoot in one of three ways:  Restart the device you’re usingSign out and log back into NetflixRestart the wifi 7. Netflix Error Code 100  This error might appear if you’re using an Amazon Fire TV/Stick or a Smart TV. It means that the data stored on your device needs to be refreshed. How to Fix it If you’re on an Amazon Fire TV, you can: Unplug it for a minute then plug it back in and start Netflix. Restart your Amazon Fire Stick so that your data is cleared from the Apps. (Last resort), try a different wifi. If you’re using a Smart TV, you can do a soft reset by holding the power button until the screen turns off, after a minute, turn it back on and start Netflix. If this doesn’t work, there might be an issue with your TV itself, in which case, you’ll have to contact your TV support. 8. Netflix Error Code H7361-1253-80070006 This typical error code can pop up if you’re using the browser, and reads:  Oops, something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again. It appears when your browser software is out of date. How to Fix it Refresh the Netflix page, if the video doesn’t load you may have to update your browser or try Netflix in a different browser.  Note: If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may have to add Netflix as a trusted site. 9. Netflix Error Code S7111-1101 Generally, codes starting with S7111 indicates a problem with cookies on any given browser. This code, in particular, occurs when there is an issue with cookies in the Safari browser on Macs.  How to Fix it To resolve this error follow these steps:  Go to the menu on the Safari browser and click on preferencesSelect the privacy optionSelect the Cookies and Website DataClick on Manage Website Data Find and delete the data for Netflix Force quit SafariRestart Safari and try Netflix again  You may also have to clear the cookies on Netflix itself. To do that, go to and log into your account. Then restart the tab and try Netflix again. 10. Netflix Error Code 0013  This code typically appears on Android devices and suggests there’s an issue with the data stored on the Netflix app. How to Fix it There are a couple of ways to solve this error including: Switch to a different wifi network.Clear the data stored on the Netflix app entirely.Contact your device manufacturer- in rare cases, the app may no longer work on your device. 11. Netflix Error Code 10008 This error code typically occurs on Apple devices and says:  A problem occurred while playing this item. Please try again, or select a different item.  This most commonly means you’re experiencing a network connectivity issue. How to Fix it After ensuring your device is connected to the wifi, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work you’ll likely need to find a stronger internet connection. Fix the Netflix Errors in Seconds Rather than spending the bulk of your movie night troubleshooting different solutions to Netflix site errors that may not solve the problem, skip the hassle and contact 6ya instead.  With 6ya, you have immediate access to expert Netflix assistance–no wait times, no worry of being transferred. They’ll walk you through the steps to solve the error and return to relaxation with a quick audio or video call. 6ya’s US-based tech support experts are available at the tap of a button at any hour and any day of the week so no matter how late your binge-watching ventures go, they’ll always be there to help. GET INSTANT ACCESS TO HELP
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How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

Netflix is a global video streaming platform that provides quality content to users at a reasonable price. However, if you want to save money or are too busy to stream Netflix, don’t worry! You can cancel your Netflix account by following a few simple steps. Cancelling Netflix Subscription Log in to your Netflix account with your username and password. On the top right corner, select the icon that displays all account profiles. Select the “Account” option. This will take you to a page showing your details. Source: Business Insider Source: Business Insider You’ll find the “Cancel Membership” option under the “Membership & Billing” heading. Confirm account cancellation on the next screen. Click on “Finish Cancellation” and you’re done.  Note that you can still use your account until your current billing period is over.
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How to Set up Netflix on My Roku

Using a Roku box, you can directly stream Netflix on your TV and enjoy your favorite shows with your family. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that Netflix is connected to your Roku box and create a seamless streaming experience.  Connecting Roku Search your television for the audio and video connection. An HD TV has connectors for HDMI cables. However, an older television may use component or composite cables.  Plug the corresponding cables into the television and the Roku Box. Insert your network cable to the network port on the Roku, for a wired connection. Connect the opposite end to an open network port on your router. Wireless network connections require the network name and security password.Turn on your television and Roku to begin the setup process. Choose “Wired” or “Wireless” as your network connection. If you choose wireless, it will continue with the screen asking for the network name and password. Then, you may complete the rest of the setup process. Connecting Netflix Select the Netflix icon on your television screen using the Roku remote. Source: WikiHow Follow the directions on the screen. You will come across an activation code that you need to enter on the Netflix website. Log in to Netflix, go to “Your Account & Help” and scroll down to “Watching Instantly on Your TV or Computer.” Click “Activate a Netflix Ready Device” and enter the activation code provided by your Roku. Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Verify that Roku recognized your Netflix account and that the activation code worked. After verification, you’ll have access to your Netflix queue and the movies will start playing once selected.
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