Depending on what kind of service you are availing from the DirecTV you have to return the rented items, otherwise, you’ll attract a fine that will reflect on your credit history.

Below is the list of the products that you are required to return as per the service that you have purchased:

ServiceWhat you returnWhat you keep
DIRECTV STREAMYour DIRECTV STREAM device if you’re canceling service within 14 days of delivery or ship date Your DIRECTV STREAM device if you’re canceling service after 14 days
DIRECTV• Leased receivers• Wireless video bridge• Satellite dish and its accessories like the mount and pole• Remote controls

Things you need to know:

  1. For the unused product that you want to be recycled by the DIRECTV, visit and follow the procedure.
  2. Make sure to return the undamaged equipment within 21 days of the date of change or termination of the respective DIRECTV subscription.
  3. Damaged equipment will attract penalty fees on the DIRECTV bill.

How to return the DirecTV equipment via UPS or FedEx?

Step 1: Uninstall the equipment.

Step 2: Note the 9-digit account number on your DIRECTV bill.

Step 3: Locate the nearest UPS Store or FedEx facility. Provide the required detail to recognize your account with the DIRECTV.

Step 4: The equipment will be packed and shipped back to the DIRECTV at zero cost.

Step 5: Ask for a receipt to keep evidence with you, just in case the box is lost.

How to return the DIRECTV equipment via return label?

Step 1: Safely pack up the DIRECTV equipment and remove all the stamps and labels from the box to avoid confusion.

Step 2: Paste the returning label on the box. You must have received the return label with the original box in which the equipment came.

Step 3: Drop the packed equipment at the nearest FedEx or UPS Store.

Step 4: From here onward the FedEx or UPS store will take care of delivering the package to the DIRECTV.

How to return the DIRECTV equipment via Return Kit?

Step 1: Contact the DIRECTV to receive the Return kit to pack your equipment in. 

Step 2: Receive the return kit and pack the equipment with care and paste the return label on the top of the package.

Step 3: Drop the package at the nearest post office or schedule the courier guy to pick up the box.

Bonus Video: How To Return Your DirecTV Equipment – Detailed Instructions