Watchlist on streaming apps is something that is created on the basis of your previously watched shows, languages picked by you, your location, most famous around the world, Guinea pig experiments on human brains, etcetera.

But, often the algorithm-generated Watchlist on Amazon Prime is not something to be proud of if you share your account with your friends and family.

So, if you want to cancel your current Watchlist and send signals to the Amazon Prime algorithm to leave some show out from your Watch list, follow the given below methods:

How to Remove Amazon Prime Watch Next Items from a Browser or the Windows 10 App?

Step 1: Access your Amazon Prime account via a website or Amazon prime app.

Step 2: Now in the moving slider of  Watch next section, select the blue Edit link.

Step 3: After selecting the “Edit” link, you will see “X” appearing on all the suggested shows and movies.

Click on the ”X” for the shows and the movies that you don’t want to appear in the “Watch Next” section. 

Once you are satisfied. Click, “Done”.

📺How To Remove Your History and Watchlist from Amazon Prime Video

How to Remove Amazon Prime Watch Next Items from Android or iOS App?

Step 1: Open up the Prime app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: In the Watch next section, long-press the appearing show or movies that you want to remove from this section.

Step 3: A pop-up overflow menu will appear on your screen. Now if you are operating on an Android, select, “Remove from List”, but for the iOS device, select, “Not Interested”.

How to Remove Amazon Prime Continue Watching Items on a Roku Device?

Step 1: Head to the Amazon prime homepage, and then navigate to the  Continue watching section. Next push the * key on your Roku remote to access the pop-up menu.

Roku Remote

Step 2: Select Remove From List. And consider it done.

Amazon menu