How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge

How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge

The dark mode is a new all-black interface that has gained popularity recently. With the amount of on-screen time that we have in this digital age, it might be soothing for your eyes to see a sober black screen and not the bright white light. Microsoft Edge has its own dark theme. Edge does not work in dark mode even if you have enabled it on your Windows 10. You’ll have to enable it separately for Microsoft Edge.  Here’s how you can enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge: Follow these steps to enable dark mode in the new Microsoft Edge Click the three-dot icon on the top right corner of your browser and open menu From the menu click on settings  Select the “Appearance” category from settings Click the “theme” box under “customise the browser” and select “dark” Edge is set to the light theme by default. So, you can select the system default option and edge will follow your system’s theme Most of the websites don’t follow the edge’s theme. However, you can enable the force dark mode option. Here’s how you can do it: Type “edge://flags” in the search bar On the experiments page search for dark mode Click on force dark mode for internet content box and then tap on enabled Restart your browser. Make sure to save important stuff before restarting that you might lose. Your tabs will be restarted easily but you might lose your work Follow these steps to enable dark mode in the old Microsoft Edge  Tap on the three-dot icon at the top right corner to open the menu and click settingstap on the choose theme box and then select the dark option.  Steps to make all web pages dark in the edge Installing an extension like turn off lights might workAfter installing the extension click on the menuNext click on extensions and select turn off lightsConfigure your extensionsSwitch the night mode tab and then select “show the night mode button at the bottom of the page” to make it light or dark You can choose to enable the “automatically” switch to night mode button also. You can manage other settings such as the night mode button appears only during night etc
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