Microsoft Word

How to share Microsoft Word Documents

How to share Microsoft Word Documents

Unlike Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word does not give you the option to share Word documents directly.  However, there are many indirect ways to share a word document. The preferred methods are: emailing the document and allowing the receiver to review the file, sending links to a word document, copy the content and lastly, allow specific users to edit portions of your document.  Here’s how you can use each of these ways to share your document: Steps for sharing for Review via email Open the document and click on “customise quick access toolbar”Select the option more commandsUnder the “customise” tab select “commands not in the ribbon” from the “Choose commands from” sectionSelect send for review and click the add buttonClick OK to return to word. The command now appears in quick access toolbarClick the send for review option from the quick access toolbar Put the email address of the person with whom you’re sharing and add a subject line and message (as per your choice/ requirement). Click on the send button. Steps to Link to a word document Open the main document you’re working on and click on the Insert tab and select “Text” group Click “object” and “text from file” Select the document you wish to share Click “insert” and then “insert as link” from the “insert file” dialogue box  Right-click on the linked area and select update field Steps for Sharing by copying Open the document you want to share Select the text you need and copy it. You can either use keyboard command ctrl+C or you can click on copy from the home menu or you can right-click and select Copy from the menu that appears Open the document you want this content in and paste the content by placing your cursor at the desired place and giving the command ctrl+V. You can also right-click on the desired place and select paste or you can place your cursor correctly and select paste from the home menu. Allowing specific users to edit portions Open the document and select protect the document from the “protect” group under the review tab Open the restrict format and editing task pane Go to the editing restriction section and select “Allow only this type of editing in the document” Select the options you want to enable while editing such as “tracked changes”, “add comments” “fill forms” If you choose “add comments” then select everyone or specify the people you want to edit the document Select “yes start enforcing protection” and add a password to your file and click OK  Save the file.
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