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Schedule Your Emails in Advance in Outlook in less than 60 seconds

Schedule Your Emails in Advance in Outlook in less than 60 seconds

Not leaving anything for the last moment is a great productive move, and in long run this habit, will make you stress-free. And to cultivate this habit for your email communication, we have created a detailed guide on scheduling emails in Outlook. So, you can create emails in advance, and go about your day without worrying about sending the email. Just follow the guide, and in case this option is not available to schedule the email in Outlook, you can activate this option following the last guide in less than one minute. Note: This guide is only meant for the Outlook desktop app as you can’t schedule emails in any of the mobile versions like the iOS and Android Outlook apps. How to Schedule email in Outlook using Desktop? Step 1: Open up the Outlook app on your desktop, and select, “New Email” from the left typo corner of your screen. Step 2: Now, in the opened new window, select “Options’ ‘ from the above toolbar. Step 3: Select Delay Delivery. Step 4: A dialogue box will open up on your screen. From the opened dialogue box, select the date and timing on which you want to send your email. And after that select, “Close”. Step 5: Lastly, write the email and email address to which you want to send the email. As one should. And hit “Send”. Note: All the scheduled messages will be available in the Outbox folder. In case you want to delay the messages further, open up the messages, click, “Delay Delivery” to set the time and date, and hit “Close”.It will be done. How to Remove the Email Delay and Send Emails Immediately? Step 1: Open up the Outlook app on your desktop, and head to the “Outbox” folder. Step 2: Select one of the scheduled emails that you want to send immediately. Step 3: Click, “Options”. Step 4: Select, “Delay Delivery”. Step 5: Now, a dialogue box will open up on your screen with the set time and date for the email. Delete the time and date. And select, “Close”. Step 6: Now, check your message once again for the content and the email addressed to which you want to send this email, and hit, “Send”. Note: As soon as the message will be delivered to the recipient you will find it removed from the Outbox folder. Note: You can also schedule emails in the Outlook web app, but the mobile versions currently don’t support email scheduling. Bonus Video: How To Schedule An Email In Outlook – Full Tutorial How to add Delay Delivery Option in the Outlook? Step 1: Open up the Outlook app on your Desktop, and select “Files” from the top left corner of your screen. Step 2: Select, “Manage Rules and Alerts”. Step 3: A dialogue box will op[en up on your screen. Here select, “Email Rules”. And then, on the next dialogue box, select, “New Rules”. Step 4: Now, on your screen a box, “Rules Wizard” will open up. Here, under the “Blank Rule” section, select, “Apply rule on messages I send”.And the, select, “Next”. Step 5: Select all the conditions that you want to apply to all the delayed messages (Scheduled messages). And hit, “Next”. Step 6: Confirm your decision. Select, “Yes”. Step 7: Under the “Select Action(S)” list, select, “defer delivery by a number of minutes”. And then, select, “Next”. Step 8: Select the minutes for which you want to delay the message. The maximum you can select is, “120” minutes. And select, “OK”. Step 9: Select, “Next” in the Rules Wizard.   Step 10: Add exceptions to your rules, and follow the prompts. Lastly, name the rules, and click, “Finish”.Don’t forget to check the box for, “Turn on this rule”. Step 11: In the final stage, select “Apply” first and then “Ok”. Note: This rule will be available on the toolbar of every new message.
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