How to cancel Masterclass subscription?

How to cancel Masterclass subscription?

You name it, and MasterClass has it. Masterclass courses are an amazing way to learn from the leaders of the fields, learning valuable insights, and mistakes that one is bound to do, before time, makes it all worth it. Learning from the experts always puts you in the right mindset, and instead of starting as an amateur, learning from your mistakes, you put forward your best first foot to be the best, and save yourself from doing any big hiccups. But, this expensive investment will be of no use to you if you are just learning the theory and implementing none, zilch, nada. Whether you are learning gardening from Ron Finley or Film Making from Martin Scorses, you need to get your hands dirty, and plant some plants or shoot a 2 minutes video. If you are afraid that canceling the Masterclass subscription will mean losing the precious insights from your teacher, then write notes. Yes, write all of it. This way if you learn something new that did not come from the Masterclass, you will have a journal to collect all the wisdom in. And down the line you can produce your own Masterclass, if you want. So, if you have decided to get your hands dirty for real, let me guide you through the process of canceling Masterclass subscription, and getting a subscription. How to cancel a MasterClass subscription on your iOS device? Launch “Settings” on your device.Tap on your Apple ID device, and then click on the “subscriptions”.This will trigger the list of your subscriptions, from the list select, “MasterClass” subscription. And then click on ”Cancel subscription” to cancel the cancel subscription. How to cancel Masterclass if purchased by Google Play store? Open up the Google Play store on your phone.Go to the menu select, “Subscription”.Then select Masterclass subscription, and click on, “Cancel subscription”, to cancel the subscription.And finally cooperate with the next few queries from the Google Play store, before finally canceling it. How to cancel a Masterclass subscription via email? Compose an email to the customer care at support@masterclass.comAnd ask them to cancel your subscription and if you would like to get a refund for the remaining time of your current bill cycle.Wait for confirmation regarding the completion of your request. Note: To get a refund from Masterclass you are required to cancel your purchase within the first 30 days of making that purchase and have to share the transaction ID with the Masterclass, which you will find in your email, that you used to sign up with Masterclass. How to cancel Masterclass subscription via the website? Head to the Masterclass website and log in to your account.Then go to the “Settings” and click on the “Cancel” button, which you will find just below the subscription box.Now, Masterclass will ask you to oblige with a few queries, before finally completing the Masterclass cancellation process. How to request a refund from the Masterclass? First of all, send your request to get a refund from Masterclass via the given below link: How to connect with Masterclass over phone? Reach out to the Masterclass representative on  +1 (855) 981-8208(For US only)
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