How to see your Uber or Lyft Passenger Rating?

How to see your Uber or Lyft Passenger Rating?

Ride pioneers Uber and Lyft allow users to rate drivers based on their ride. However, many users do not know that even drivers rate fellow passengers. Yes, we have all been rated quite a few times since our first batch of rides. Riders can easily look for their passenger ratings by following simple steps.  Passenger rating heightens your chances of finding a ride pretty soon. When you request a ride, the closest driver receives the request, and they have the option to accept or deny it. If they deny it, the request moves to the next-closest driver. If you have a low passenger rating, drivers may reject your requests often and the time taken to get an Uber or Lyft can be severely affected. Uber Passenger Rating Open the Uber app on your phone. Tap on the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen. Source: BUSINESS INSIDER You’ll see your name and profile picture at the top of the sidebar that pops out.  Your passenger rating will be below your name. It is out of 5 stars.  Source: BUSINESS INSIDER Lyft Passenger Rating As of now, there isn’t exactly a way to see your Lyft passenger rating in the app itself. The easiest way to find your passenger rating is to simply ask your Lyft driver since they can see your passenger rating to get a quick review of you as a passenger.  Alternatively, you can contact Lyft support and they can inform you about your passenger rating  Source: BUSINESS INSIDER How to Be a Good Passenger? Many Uber drivers and passengers alike have given their opinions on what makes a passenger good or bad. Below are some of the key points: Make sure that you do not have a bad odor of something like smoke since it stays in the car for a long period. Hence, don’t smoke or drink during the ride.Don’t vomit in the car.Be ready when your Uber or Lyft arrives. Don’t make them wait for too long. Don’t be obnoxious.
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