How to Upload a Resume on LinkedIn

Over 3 million businesses have registered themselves on LinkedIn today. The professional networking site has more than 300 million registered members to date. This makes the platform an effective place to find jobs and to connect with fellow peers. However, most users prefer to add resumes on LinkedIn for quicker selection and call-outs from companies they are applying to. You can upload your resume from two areas – your Profile Page or the Job application Page of an employer.  Uploading Resume through your Profile Page Sign in to your LinkedIn account. Click on the “Profile” tab.  Click on the arrow next to the “Edit Profile” tab.  Select “Import Resume”. Click on the “Browse” button. Then, select the file you wish to attach.Click on “Upload Resume”. Remember to check all the fields and make sure that the information pulled from the resume is accurate.Now, click on “Save Changes”. Attaching resume to a Job Application  Open the Employer’s LinkedIn Job Application Page. Click on “Easy Apply”.  Then. select “Upload a File” under the Resume/Cover Letter section.  Tap on your desired file to select it. Click on “Submit” to apply along with your resume.  P.S. If you upload your resume through a Job Application page, the website attaches your resume to the application for the available position. On the other hand, if you upload it through your Profile page, the website pulls the relevant information from your resume and adds that to your LinkedIn profile.
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How to Format LinkedIn Posts

Posting regular updates is an important way to notify your network regarding your recent activities. Your updates will show up on your profile as well as on your connections’ homepage under the “All Updates” section. However, users cannot apply traditional formatting such as bold and italics to an update. But on the bright side, you can attach links and images to enhance the visual appeal of your update. Follow the steps below to format Linkedin posts Open the Linkedin Home Page.  Type your update in the “Share an Update” column. A user can enter up to 600 characters in the update column. (If you wish to share your update on Twitter, trim it down to 140 characters as Twitter deletes content that exceeds this length). Click on the “Attach a Link” tab, if you wish to link your post to an external URL.Type the complete URL in the text box. Then, click the “Attach” button. LinkedIn will locate the URL and display a title, description, and image from the content available on the page. Click the “Edit” link if you want to change the default content such as the title, description, or image.  To insert a new image, click the right arrow below the default image until you find the image you want to use. The options will be from the Web page you’re sharing.A user can either share the updates with all LinkedIn users or only with few listed connections. Click on the drop-down list of the “Visible To” tab to select who can see this update.  You can tick the check box to the left of the Twitter button to directly post your update on Twitter. To do so, you’ll have to integrate Linkedin with Twitter.Click on the “Share” button to post your update. Other users can like, comment, or share your updates with their connections.
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How to create a public profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networking platforms in the world. Many users across the globe have found their dream jobs and perfect partners to start their ventures with on LinkedIn. The platform has a user-friendly interface that allows users to build their LinkedIn profiles in no time. You can create your LinkedIn profile using the mobile app, LinkedIn’s home page, or Facebook. All you need is a valid, working email address. LinkedIn generally offers two types of memberships: Free or Premium. Read below to find out how you can setup your public profile on LinkedIn:  Creating a public profile on LinkedIn Using LinkedIn’s Mobile App  Download the mobile app from the App or Play store. Tap “Join Now”. Choose a strong password and click on join now.   Then, edit your profile, add your career experience, trainings and accomplishments. Don’t forget to add a professional profile picture to attract recruiters on your profile.   Using the Home Page  Fill out the Registration Form on the Home Page. Use your first and last name, valid email address, and a strong password to complete your basic details.  Using Facebook  Surf LinkedIn’s sign up page and tap “Continue with Facebook”. Review the permissions required and tap “Okay”. Create a strong password and click on “Continue”. Creating a Professional Profile  After registering yourself, fill in the profile form. Click on “Create my Profile”.  Add your email address and tap Continue. LinkedIn advises you to ‘use the app’ with a pop-up. However, you may ignore it and skip the option. Select your membership type i.e. Premium or Basic.  Creating Full Profile  You can customize your profile by adding your photo, educational qualifications, etc. 
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How to Find a Phone Number Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to create a network of your acquaintances, peers, and business community. Moreover, your LinkedIn connections can also be accessible outside of LinkedIn. If you know a LinkedIn member and want to get in touch through the phone, you can follow some steps to find their phone number. Thank us later! Finding a Phone Number Using LinkedIn If you haven’t already done so, sign up on Linkedin. Create a Profile and add relevant information. Now, search for the person by putting their first and last name. If they have a common name, you may need some extra bit of information, maybe their middle name or work experience. After locating the correct person, look through their profile. If they have made their phone number public, you will find it right at the bottom along with their mail address. However, some users prefer to not list their phone numbers due to privacy concerns. In that case, you may text the person through Linkedin’s facility to DM profile owners. 
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