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How to Cancel Lifetime Fitness Membership

How to Cancel Lifetime Fitness Membership

Cancel the Lifetime Fitness subscription via in-person contact, email, and phone. The lifetime Fitness gym is exciting with amazing training programs and facilities. But, if you have not learned to discipline yourself, or coerce yourself into attending the gym then probably you are wasting your hard-earned on unutilized membership month after month. Instead of wasting that money on membership, buy a weight measuring machine or some steps-tracking watch. That will do more good than the unutilized membership. Here’s a list of ways to cancel the Lifetime Fitness membership: Things you need to know before canceling the Lifetime Fitness Membership: You are ought to give a 30 days notice before canceling the membership. You will give a full refund only if you cancel the membership within the first 14 days of signing up for the membership How to cancel Lifetime Fitness membership on a phone call? Step 1: Call up 1-877-583-6818, to connect with Lifetime Fitness, “Member Relations”, and ask his/ her to cancel the membership, following the 30-days notice. How to cancel the Lifetime Fitness membership in person? Step 1: Go to the Member Relations present at your gym, ask for the form if any, and the terms and conditions according to the plan you have. Step 2: Oblige with all the conditions and terminate your membership. How to cancel the Lifetime Fitness membership over mail? Step 1: Write an application with all the details regarding you and the membership you bought with Lifetime Fitness. Such as name, email, phone number, and membership type. Step 2: Send it to the closest Lifetime Fitness, center. Can you pause the Lifetime Fitness Membership? If you cannot produce a doctor’s note or military order, you can avail a completely free pause. But, if you don’t have the required then pausing the membership will cost from 10 to 15$ Also, you have to pause the membership in person. No kidding. 📺Lifetime Cancelation process Review: Source:
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