How to program voice mail on LG phone

LG manufactures and markets two different phone sets: Regular and Smartphones. The regular phones use voice mail via their inbuilt settings while the smartphone ones use Google’s android system.  Here’s how you can enable this setting in either case.  Follow these steps to enable voicemail on regular LG phones Open the main menu and select “message” Select “Settings” and then all messages Open the “voicemail#” option and set your voicemail number Save the setting by pressing the ‘OK’ button Follow these steps to enable voicemail on LG smartphones (Android OS phones) Open the main menu and tap on settings Go to call settings and open voicemail settings Put your voicemail number and click OK That’s all, you are good to go!
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How to clear your LG phone settings

If you are considering selling or donating your LG phone, you might want to ensure that your personal information is washed away before moving ahead. To ensure that your personal credentials are safe, you can format your phone settings by putting a master reset on your phone and restoring it back to the default factory settings.  Here’s how you can do it: Steps to clear all LG phone settings Verify that your sim is inserted inside the phoneOpen the main menuNavigate to “settings and tools” and open phone settings Tap on the security buttonEnter your unlock password if you have one, or the last four digits of your numberSelect the option to reset your phone. Confirm by tapping on reset and then press okay Let your phone restartRepeat the first four steps, that is, open menu- settings and tools- phone settings- securityEnter your password or the last four digits of you number and select restore phoneEnter your unlock password againLet your phone restart How to block phone numbers on an LG cell phone If you are overwhelmed by the calls you have to attend and want to take a break from it, you can choose to block your calls. Here’s how you can do it on an LG cell phone  Steps to block calls on LG cell phones Open the main menu by pressing the OK key or the menu buttonGo to settings and open by pressing the OK key Navigate to phone settings and select securityEnter your security code on the screen that appears. Your security code is the last four digits of your number Open the restriction tab and put your security code againIn the menu that appears select the type of communication you want to block- incoming calls/ outgoing calls/ text messages etcApply this to “contacts only” and select the people whose calls/ messages you want to restrictYou might be asked to add phone numbers. Add them if you need to. Press the OK key or the menu key to implement these settings You will receive warnings about blocking people’s calls or messages. Read these carefully before proceeding with the next step. 
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LG Phone Won’t Turn On? Here’s How to Fix It

At your breaking point? That happens when your LG phone won’t turn on. Your trouble may be in result of a battery malfunction, insufficient charge, or even water damage. Here are great tips on how to resolve any issues:  How to Reset Your LG Device If your LG device isn’t turning on, there may be a technical issue that resulted from a specific software you’re using. To resolve this, your phone would need a factory reset with the following steps: Simultaneously press the volume down key and power buttons until the LG logo appears on the screen.Keep the power button pressed while releasing the volume button momentarily, before pressing it back down again. The “factory data reset” window should then appear, at which point you should release the buttons.Select “Yes” from the options. To do so, press the volume down button once, then the power button. This should reboot your device. Source: https://android.imyfone.com/android-issues/lg-phone-wont-turn-on/ Remember that by doing so, all of your previous user data will be wiped, and the default settings will be restored.  Clear the LG Cache Nervous to wipe your phone completely? Clearing the cache is also an option. Essentially, this just clears the temporary data stored on your phone. Here’s how: Simultaneously press both volume keys as well as the power button. You should then see a screen that gives you a few different options.Using the volume key to scroll down, select the “Wipe Cache Partition.”After the Cache has been wiped, select the “Reboot System” option. If this was the issue, your phone will turn on. Force Restart Another option that does not reset your user data and may resolve your phone issues is to force restart your LG device. Simultaneously press the volume down key and power buttons for roughly 10-15 seconds or until the LG logo appears on the screen.Then press the power button to turn your phone on. There may be complications with this method with some users reporting that their phones were stuck in the reboot cycle. Source: https://www.techspot.com/article/1403-android-reboot-and-reset/ Remove the Battery If there is an issue with the battery it could be caused by a number of things; dirt, dust, water, or even the battery itself. Upon removal of the battery, if it’s defected you may see bloating or leaking. If not, try wiping the surface with a dry cloth to remove any dirt particles that may be preventing it from working properly. Though this should be an easy fix, some LG customers complain of the battery being difficult to remove and sometimes it’s even glued in place making it nearly impossible. Source: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-remove-the-battery-of-the-lg-g5/ Get Access to Your Phone Using 6ya While attempting to troubleshoot your phone can certainly help, it isn’t always guaranteed to resolve your issues. In some cases, trying to fix the problems may cause more damage. That’s why relying on experts from the beginning is a good idea. Often, they have the insight needed to help make the process faster and more efficient.  With 6ya, you can get the help you need when you need it. 6ya’s team of experts works in everything from tech, to home and auto and is available 24/7 with no annoying automated systems or wait times. Whether your LG phone won’t turn on or even your car, 6ya can give you the answers to help you find solutions instantly, simply, and affordably. <FIND AN EASY SOLUTION>
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