In the world of social media, things can often go SOUTH!

On the day before the altar, you can feel like confessing to your ex that he could have been the one.

During the booze-induced happy hour of your life, you can decide to tell your boss how unhappy you are with him.

And, the classic, you shared too much of you with someone over a WhatsApp chat, just to discover that they were not the, “ONE” and now, you would like to have your privacy back.

Believe us, we all had/have a fair share of embarrassing moments in our lives. 

You are in no need to PANICCC, for whatever has happened, you will pass it as the rest of us.

So, without wasting a do, let’s get going.

How can I delete a message on WhatsApp that has already been delivered?

Step 1: First of all, open a WhatsApp chat containing the message you want to get rid of.

Step 2: Second, you need to tap and hold the message you want to delete until you see a new options bar appear from the top of your screen. Once the bar is visible, you can select as many messages as you want to delete.

Step 3: Now, you can select as many messages as you want to delete, just press the dustbin visible on the options bar at the top of your screen. After pressing the dustbin, a pop-up will appear with three options:

A. Delete For Me

B. Cancel

C.Delete For Everyone

Select option, “C” to delete for everyone.

Note that, the “Delete For Everyone” option is available only for the first 7 minutes to 1 hour in a few cases. After that time you won’t be able to delete the chat for everyone using this method.  

But, there’s a way around this to delete messages from both sides, if the recipient has not yet read those messages.

Is there a way to delete WhatsApp’s chat history from both your and your recipient’s phones?

Step 1: Disconnect your iPhone or Android or laptop from your Internet (Wi-Fi & mobile data).

Step 2: Now, go to your device’s time and date settings and then change the date and time of your device to one day earlier from the day the message was sent.

Step 3: After changing the date and time, just go to your Whatsapp chat and delete whatever messages you don’t want to be received by the recipient.

How to delete WhatsApp sent photos for everyone?

Following the above two methods, you will be able to delete all kinds of media and text messages from the Whatsapp chat for both sides.

How to delete your WhatsApp Status?

Spelled something wrong in your Whatsapp status or shared the wrong facts about something or just not in the mood to delete your Whatsapp status?

Aye! Aye! We got you!

Follow these four simple steps to delete your Whatsapp status.

Step 1: Go to the status-screen on your WhatsApp and click on your profile picture.

Step 2 A list of all your status will appear in front of you. Besides the list of all your WhatsApp statuses, at the right end side of your screen, you will find three dots, complementary to each status.

Step 3: Click on the three dots, a pop-up will appear with four options:

 A. Forward

B. Share

C. Share to Facebook

D. Delete

Step 4: Select, “Delete” to delete the status.