Learn the art to Cancel IPSY subscription.

Learn the art to Cancel IPSY subscription.

IPSY products sit really well on any kind of skin. If you are someone, who needs a monthly makeup kit and want your make-up kit to re-stock itself. IPSY is a blessing. But, you must have noticed that the more you get into skincare products, the more pro you feel on living less and fewer products. Sometimes, an eyebrow pencil, light-red color lipstick, and brown lipstick are all you need to get by, rocking this world. So, living on minimalistic principles, lets cancel IPSY membership. How To Cancel IPSY Membership Over Chat? Step 1: Firstly head to the IPSY website on your web browser, and navigate your way to the “Help Center”. Step 2: Scroll down the “Help Center” page, looking for the “Get Instant Answer” option. Select it. Step 3: Ask them to cancel your IPSY membership for you. How To Cancel IPSY By Email? Step 1: Write an email to support@ipsy.com, and subject it, “Cancel the IPSY membership” Step 2: Provide all the details regarding your account, and ask them to terminate the IPSY membership before the date of the next billing cycle. How to cancel your IPSY membership online? Step 1: First of all, take a deep breath, and slowly exhale.  Step 2: Now, open up the IPSY website and log in to your account. Step 3: Follow the shown sequence:  Account → View Membership → Management Membership → Help me stop my membership. Step 4: At this stage, a pop-up will emerge on your screen, asking if you want to Skip a Month instead. Avoid the persuasion to pause the membership and hit “Continue cancellation” instead. Step 5: Finally, provide up to 2 reasons for canceling on IPSY membership, and hit continue. Step 6: Then, wait for a cancelation link to emerge in your inbox. They will send it to the same email address that you used to sign up for their services. Click on the link to complete the IPSY membership cancelation process. Important: If at the moment of clicking on the received link, you are not logged in to the email address, with which you have signed up for the IPSY services, then your cancellation request will not be processed. Here’s a video on how to cancel IPSY subscription: I have an annual membership. Will I get a refund from IPSY? No, any early cancellation of IPSY membership does not entitle you to the refund. After canceling the membership, you will receive the product for the time period, and your membership will not be renewed for the next year. Can You Pause IPSY Subscription? Yes, you can pause the IPSY membership, for up to one month, or two months, or three months. How to Pause the IPSY membership? Step 1: Open up the IPSY website and log in to your Ipsy account Step 2: Then follow this sequence:  Account ( Menu )< Edit Membership Settings (Below General section)< Membership (under the profile picture) Step 3: Afterward, select, Manage Membership under Ipsy Membership Step 4: Look for the “Pause My Membership” button and hit it. Step 5: Follow the prompted queries and pause the subscription.
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