How to change the Wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad

Sometimes the preset wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to change the wallpaper, the steps below will work for both iPhone and iPad, and you’ll have the ability to use one of Apple’s standard wall papers, or add your own! Here’s how:   1. Tap Settings 2. Tap ‘Wallpaper’ 3. Select a Wallpaper. You can choose one of the standard wallpaper’s that come with your iPhone, or you can use one of your photos. 4. Choose where you’d like to see your wallpaper. You can have your wallpaper show up on your home screen, lock screen, or both.  
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How to delete all photos on iPhone

One of the largest culprits for taking up space on your iPhone is your photos. But, there’s no obvious way to delete all of your photos at once! We’ll show you a little know trick to delete all of your photos at once. But, before you delete all of your photos, be sure you’ve backed them up somewhere, or they’ll be gone forever. You can back up your photos via your iCloud, or on services like DropBox. If you’re ready to delete all your photos, follow these steps: 1. Open your Photos app in your iPhone. 2. Select Albums. 3. Select ‘All Photos’. 4. Tap ‘Select‘. It will be located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. 5. Tap and hold down on the bottom right photo, and immediately start dragging to the left. You’ll see check marks appear for every photo selected. 6. Drag upwards: Once you’ve dragged all the way to the left hand side of your screen, start dragging upwards. 7. Keep dragging upwards until you reach the last photo. Every photo should have a blue check mark next to it now. 8. In the lower right hand corner of your screen, tap on the trash icon. 9. Select ‘Delete Photos’ 10. You’re done, your photos are deleted!  
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How to change your Apple ID on an iPhone

Before you change your Apple ID on your iPhone, you need to be sure that you’re logged out of all of your other apple devices. If you’re logged out of all your other apple devices, let’s get started! Follow these steps to change your Apple ID via your iPhone: 1. Open your settings app 2. Tap on the arrow next to your name. It will be located at the very top of the screen. 3. Select ‘Name, Phone Numbers, Email’ 4. Tap to ‘Edit’ your Apple ID. Your Apple ID will be in the second row, and the ‘Edit’ button will be next to ‘Reachable At’. 5. Tap the red minus sign. It will appear to the left of your Apple ID. Then select ‘Continue’. 6. Enter your new Apple ID. It must be in the form of an email address. 7. Click the verification link. Go to the email address associated with your new Apple ID and click on the verification link.
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How to clear the history on your iPhone

With internet privacy becoming a bigger and bigger issue for most people, a lot of people wonder what they can do about it. One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to improve your privacy is to clear the history on your iPhone. There are two primary browsers that people use on the iPhone; Safari and Chrome. Follow the instructions below to clear the history for the browser you’re currently using: Clear the Safari History 1. Open the settings app 2. Scroll down until you’re able to find ‘Safari’ and tap on it. 3. Tap the ‘Clear History and Website Data’ button. It will appear near the bottom of the screen. 4. Select ‘Clear History and Data’ when you are prompted to confirm your decision. Clear the Chrome History 1. Open the Chrome app 2. Tap the menu button. It’s located in the lower right hand corner of your screen. 3. Select History 4. Select ‘Clear Browsing History’ 5. Select the time range you’d like to clear. It will be located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you’d like to clear everything, select ‘All Time’. 6. Select data you’d like to clear. Go back, and select which sources of information you’d like to clear by tapping on each row. For example, if you’d only like to clear your browsing history, select the first row labeled ‘Browsing History’. 7. Tap ‘Clear browsing data’ It will be located at the bottom of your screen.
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How to block text messages on an iPhone

One of the most frustrating things about having a phone is receiving messages from unwanted phone numbers. The best way to get rid of spammers sending you text messages, is to block their messages. This will prevent them from sending any messages to you in the future. Follow these steps to get rid of your spammers: 1. Locate the message conversation you’d like to block. 2. Tap on the info button. Tap on the name or phone number of the contact, and the info button should be presented as a drop down option 3. Tap the right arrow. It will be located next to your contact’s name or phone number. 4. Tap ‘Block this Caller’, which is located at the bottom of the page.  
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