Virtually: How to Delete Your IMVU Account?

Virtually: How to Delete Your IMVU Account?

In the past recent years, the virtual world has become a billion-dollar industry. The entire world is what people cannot be in our real world. But, the virtual world of IMVU works exactly like us, you can shop there with your virtual currency, you can interact with other IMVU members, create virtual products, and actually date virtually. It’s really a mind-blowing platform, for 3D creators to generate some fat cash. But, if for some reason you don’t feel the IMVU like your kinda virtual world, you can try other platforms like Second Life or Whirled. How to delete your IMVU account? Step 1: Open up the IMVU Delete Account Page. Step 2: Now, on arriving on the, “Delete Account page”, enter your password. Step 3: Click “Continue”. Step 4: Soon, you will see the success page on your screen. One like the below picture, maybe with a different skin. What happens when you delete your IMVU account? Once, you are done with the account deletion process, IMVU will send a confirmation email to the email address with which you signed up for the IMVU in the first place. If you don’t confirm that email, IMVU will disable your account, won’t delete it. But, if you confirm the email, everything you have ever done on IMVU will be deleted fore ever. How to Recover the IMVU Account? Step 1: Check your inbox for email, with the subject line: “IMVU Alert: Your account has been deleted.” Step 2: The email will have a link to reactivate your account. Step 3: Hit the reactivate-your-account-link, and follow the prompted queries to get your IMVU account back to IMVU life. 📺 Bonus Video: How to delete an IMVU account. Source:
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