How to cancel IFIT Membership [Best 5 Ways!!]

How to cancel IFIT Membership [Best 5 Ways!!]

IFIT is for you if you are ready to purchase a mini gym for yourself at home. The more than 100 trainers of IFIT definitely make it look easy on the eyes, body, and pocket. But, it is far from easy, and if you have a very tight schedule, chances are you won’t be able to enjoy the motivating videos. So, instead of IFIT, you can go for a regular gym, or for much cheaper who are not bound to hefty equipment. How To cancel your IFIT membership  by website?  Step 1: Log in to iFit.com. Step 2: Hover over your name, visible around the top right corner of your screen to open up the drop down menu. From the menu select,“Settings”. Step 3: Select, “Membership Plan”. Step 4: Select, “End Benefits”. Step 5: Finally follow the sequence to cancel the IFIT membership:   Continue to End Benefits < Confirm Your Membership Cancellation < End Membership.  How To cancel IFIT membership on an Apple device? Step 1: Open, “Settings”. Step 2: Tap on your Apple ID. Step 3: Select, “Subscriptions”, then select “IFIT subscription”.  Step 4: Finally, select, “Cancel Subscription” to end the subscription. And follow any prompted queries to complete the cancelation process. How To cancel IFIT membership on an Android device? Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on Android device. Step 2: Tap on hamburger Menu, then select Subscriptions. Step 3: Tap IFIT subscription Step 4: Select, “Cancel Subscription”.  How to cancel IFIT membership over phone? Step 1:Call (844) 838-6620 to connect with IFIT customer care. Step 2: Ask them to cancel your IFIt membership. How to cancel IFIT by email? Step 1: Compose an email to accountsupport@ifit.com. Step 2: Enclosed all the details about your membership and ask them to cancel the IFIT subscription.
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