How to cancel your Hulu subscription

Hulu in the past few years has carved a name for itself in the video-streaming industry. A tough contender of Netflix, Hulu is a first choice for most cinephiles. However, if you wish to take a break or are bored from the streaming service, we have you covered here. Hulu offers great options to such users – customers can either pause their subscription for 12 weeks or cancel it.  Here’s how you can cancel your Hulu subscription: Steps for canceling Hulu subscription Sign in on Hulu’s website and tap on the icon next to your name on the top right side.  Source: TRUEBILL Select the option “Manage Profiles” from the drop-down menu.You’ll be asked to re-enter your password and login again. At the bottom left of the page click on the cancel button next to the cancel your subscription option.  Source: TRUEBILL A message will appear asking you if you’d rather pause your subscription or cancel subscription directly. Click on the option most suited.   Source: TRUEBILL A feedback form will appear on your screen asking you the reason you’re cancelling your subscription. Select the most appropriate option for this and go ahead.  Source: TRUEBILL In the end, you’ll be provided with a one-month free Hulu subscription, Tap the cancel subscription button. Source: TRUEBILL And you’re a free bird!
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How to download Hulu videos to your PC for offline viewing

Hulu is an on-demand streaming service provider most noted for its presence in the United States. Hulu’s shows have topped many charts across the globe and is loved by so many of its users. Many users want to download Hulu videos for offline viewing to their PCs. If you’re one of those users, and you’re not sure how, it is a simple process. Moreover, it will work on both x86 and x64 installations of windows, albeit you need a 32-bit browser.  Follow these simple steps to download Hulu videos on your PC: Steps for downloading Hulu videos to your PC  Download a copy of RTMPDumpHelper from NirSoft website.  Source: TechCrunch Move this file to your desktop and extract it.  Source: TechCrunch Download the RTMPDump toolkit.  Source: TechCrunch This is again a zip file. Extract it.  Source: TechCrunch Create a folder on your desktop by the name RTMPDownload and put all the extracted files in it.  Source: TechCrunch Open RTMPDumper and launch your browser.  RTMPDumpHelper will attach your browser head over to Hulu.  Source: TechCrunch After this, you’ll find RTMPSuk intercept your video as soon as you start watching one.  Source: TechCrunch Your file will be saved in the RTMPDownload folder that you created on the desktop as an MP4 file.  Source: TechCrunch
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How to change your Hulu password

Passwords are an integral part of the online space. It is a way to keep your personal information safe. A strong, updated password secures users from unwanted hacks and identity threats. In the case of Hulu, you can change your passwords repeatedly to avoid falling prey to online attacks.  You can change your Hulu password by following these simple steps: Changing Hulu password Open Hulu’s desktop website.  Source: Android Authority Click on the account icon on the top right. Select the “Account” link from the menu.   Source: Android Authority Click on the “change password” link in the “your account” section.  Source: Android Authority You will now see the change password box pop up.  Source: Android Authority Enter your current password, then enter your new password. Source: Android Authority  Confirm the new password and click on the save changes button.  You are good to go now!
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How to change your Hulu subscription plan

Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service owned by Walt Disney Company with NBC universal as an equity stakeholder. Hulu offers a variety of plans to its subscribers. Every plan has something different in store for its customers.  However, some users wish to change their Hulu plans after frequent use. Many users upgrade to the premium category, and some downgrade to the basic plan.  Here’s how you can change your plan: Changing your Hulu plan Login to your Hulu account from its desktop website and click on my account icon in the top right.  Source: TechJunkie Next, select the “Account” option from the drop down menu that appears. Scroll down to “Your Subscription” option and click on the “manage plan” link.  Source: TechJunkie Source: TechJunkie A list of plans to choose from will appear on your screen.  Source: TechJunkie Click on the slider button next to the plan you want.  Source: TechJunkie Review your change by clicking on the “Review Changes” button.  And you’re done!
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