Watching Netflix on Zoom is so much fun.

Almost like going theater with your friends.

You can comment on the characters, ask questions when you don’t understand the plot, and not feel alone in your pink room, on your black couch.

So, read the given below guide to Watch Netflix on Zoom, and enjoy your shows with your friends.

How to Watch Netflix Together on Zoom on a PC?

Step 1: Open up a Netflix app or website, and log into your account.

Step 2: Next open the Zoom app, while the Netflix app is open as well.

Step 3: Invite the people to join the Zoom.

Step 4: Select “Share Screen” from the bottom of the Zoom app.

Step 5: Next, choose either, “Netflix app” or “browser window”.

Step 6: Tick the boxes next to the “Share Computer sound” and “Optimize Screen share for Video Clip.”

Step 7: Hit, “Share.”

Step 8: Pick a movie to watch, and click “Play”.


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How to Watch Netflix Together on Zoom on a Mobile Device?

Step 1: Open  Zoom app.

Step 2: Select, “Start a meeting”. And invite your friends to watch the movie.

Step 3: Select, “Share Content”.

Step 4: Select, “Screen.”

Step 5: Select, “Start Broadcast.”

Step 6: Toggle on the switch to permit the Zoom to access the Netflix.

Step 7:  Launch the Netflix app and play a movie.

Step 8: Click, “Stop”, when you don’t want to stop watching the movie.

My Screen Is Black While Trying to Stream Netflix on Zoom, What Can I Do?

Step 1: Launch the Zoom app on your desktop.

Step 2: Select the cogwheel icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Select, “Video”. Click, “Advanced.”

Step 4: Select the boxes for:

  1. Video Processing
  2. Sending Video
  3. Receiving Video.