GoToMeeting is an online video-conferencing platform where you can chat, audio call, and video call your peers. Moreover, you can also use Skype, another video-calling app along with GoToMeeting. 

Steps for using Skype with GoToMeeting:

  1. Connect your headset and microphone to your computer
  2. Join the meeting and launch Skype
  1. Click “Call Phones” at the top of the “Contacts” tab
  1. Enter the phone number for the meeting provided by the organiser
  2. Click the “Call button” to call in the meeting

How to join a GoToMeeting

Go ToMeeting lets you conduct meetings with people anywhere in the world. There are two ways to join a GoToMeeting- via email, appointment, instant SMS or website. Here’s how you can join a GoToMeeting

Joining a GoToMeeting via email, appointment or instant SMS

  1. View the invitation email
  1. Click on the link that appears beneath “Please Join my Meeting”
  1. Click “Yes”and download the player that lets you access your meeting
  1. Put in the meeting password if asked. Otherwise, you will be placed in the meeting directly

Joining  a GoToMeeting via website

  1. Head over to the GoToMeeting website and put your meeting ID
  1. Enter your meeting ID again if asked. Click to download and install the GoToMeeting software
  1. Put in the meeting password if asked. Otherwise, you would be directed to the meeting