To make sure that your iPad runs smoothly, it is necessary to keep it up to date with the latest Apple software. However, if you feel there are troubleshoot issues in your device, restoring the iPad to factory condition is highly suggested. 

Difference between updating and restoring iPad 

Updating the software means that your iPad is updated with the latest iOS. This leaves the apps, data, and settings intact. On the other hand, restoring to factory conditions means that the software will be installed. However, the apps, data, and settings will be removed with only critical data being backed up. 

How to Update /Restore iPad? 

Follow the steps below to update your iPad to the latest software.  

  1. Open the latest version of iTunes on your computer. 
Source: WikiHow
  1. Connect your iPad to a computer using a USB cable. 
Source: WikiHow
  1. Hower over the navigation panel of iTunes. Select your iPad’s name under the “Devices” section. 
  2. Open the “Summary” tab in the main iTunes window. Click on “Check for Updates”. If available, click on “Update”. The download and installation process may take some time. During the procedure, do not disconnect your iPad from the computer. 
Source: WikiHow

Now to restore your iPad, follow the steps mentioned below:- 

  1. Select the iPad’s name and click “Restore” under the “Summary” tab on the main iTunes window. 
  2. Then, select “Backup” if you wish to keep important data safe. 
  3. Click on “Restore” again as a confirmation. After the process, your iPad will be restarted. 
Source: WikiHow
  1. Select “Restore from Backup. This option will bring back all the backed up data to your iPad.