In today’s world, Amazon is is used by everyone! Amazon’s Prime membership allows users to get benefits like free ebooks, magazines, early access to exclusive deals, unlimited cloud storage, and numerous gaming options. The subscription costs $119 annually. However, you can bring down the burden of signing up with Prime membership alone by sharing the benefits and cost with family and friends. 

Users can reap the same benefits through Amazon Household. It allows you to share your membership with one other adult, four teens, and four children via just one payment. 

Creating an Amazon Household

1.  Open amazon and click on the “Accounts and Lists”.

2.  Click on “Your Account”.

3.  Under the “Shopping Programs and Rentals” tab, click on “Amazon Household”.

4.  To add another adult- select “Add Adult”. You can send an invitation email or sign up together to verify your accounts.

5.  To add a teen- select “Add a Teen”. The teen must accept the email invitation to set up their login.

6.  Repeat step 5 to add a child. However, this time you must click on “Add a Child”. 

Reviewing content sharing

You can review your content sharing settings through Family Library. This is really important to distinguish between the content that can be seen by you or your kids.

Removing members from Amazon Households

You can also remove members from Amazon Households by following the steps below: 

1.  Go to Amazon Household.

2.  Select “Manage your Household”.

3.  Click on the remove button under that particular name.