If you have any concerns about losing, misplacing, or having your iPhone stolen, one of the best preventative measures is to setup ‘Find My iPhone’. Find My iPhone uses the GPS in your iPhone, so that you can track it down! If your device is nearby, you can also use the ‘Play a Sound’ feature so that you can listen for your iPhone’s location. Setting up Find My iPhone is an easy process, and you can do it in your iPhone! Here’s how:


1. Tap the ‘Settings’ app

2. Tap on your name

3. Tap ‘iCloud’

4. Tap ‘Find My iPhone’

5. Switch the toggle on. The toggle should look green like in the example below. If it does not look green, make sure you tap it so that it is switched on.

6. You’re done! Continue reading below to find out how to use Find My iPhone!


How to use Find My iPhone

1. Enter icloud.com into your browser

2. Enter your Apple ID

3. If you have Two Factor Authentication setup, enter the passcode. If 2FA is setup, the passcode will be sent to your the email and/or phone number you have on file. If you do not have 2FA setup, you will be able to skip this step.

4. Select ‘Find My iPhone’

5. Locate your iPhone. It may take a minute to load, but once the page is finished loading, you’ll see the exact location of your iPhone. It will be a dot displayed within a map.

How to use Find My iPhone with Sound

If your iPhone is nearby, you can locate your iPhone with a noise that the iPhone will make. Now that you’ve already found the location, there’s only a few more steps to use Find My iPhone with sound:

1. Click on the dot representing your iPhone

2. Click on ‘Play Sound’

3. You will immediately hear a sound effect coming from your iPhone.