In the era of working from home, Zoom has become a leading video-conferencing application. Most corporations and even educational institutions prefer Zoom to conduct online meetings, webinars and digital get-togethers. Up to 100 participants can engage in an audio or video conference, chat, or webinar with a restricted time of 40 minutes. 

Downloading Zoom 

If you are joining a meeting as an attendee, you don’t have to download and install zoom on your device. However, if you’re the host of the meeting, then you will need to install the app on your device. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to download and install Zoom:

  1. Open Zoom’s download center. Click on the “Download; button under “Zoom Client for Meetings”. 
  1. Choose the location where you’d like to save the download. After the download is finished successfully, “ZoomInstaller” will appear.
  1. Run the software, and Zoom will begin installing.
  1. Once the installation is complete, Zoom will open automatically.

Setting up Zoom Meeting 

  1. When you open Zoom, you’ll be given a few different options. Select the “New Meeting” icon to start a new meeting.
  1. Then, you’ll be in a virtual video conferencing room. At the bottom of the window, select “Invite.”
The Zoom Invite icon
  1. A new tab will appear with various methods for inviting people to the call. By default, you’ll be in the “Contacts” tab.
  1. If you have a list of contacts, you can select the person you want to contact and then click on the “Invite” tab in the bottom-right corner of the window.
  1. Alternatively, you can choose the “Email” tab and pick an email service to send the invitation.
  1. An email with the different methods for joining will appear on your screen. Enter the recipients in the “To” address bar and then select the “Send” button.
  1. If you wish to invite someone via Slack or any other communication app, you can do the following:- 
  1. Copy the conference invitation URL.
  2. Copy the invitation email and share it with them.

8. Now you can enjoy your call. Once you’re done with the call, select the “End Meeting” tab in the bottom-right corner of your window.