Most smartphones nowadays charge cellular data to send SMS. However, SMS sent between two Apple devices aren’t charged! Texts sent using the iMessage are considered data, so they don’t incur messaging charges. If you’d like to learn how to enable iMessages and send them via WiFi, read on!

Enabling iMessage in iOS8 

  1. Open “Settings”. Scroll down and select “Messages.” This will open the settings that control how your iPhone handles text messages.
  1. Turn on the iMessage slider. This will enable text messages to other Apple devices to be sent as data instead of normal messages which will be used against your iPhone’s messaging plan.
  1. Turn the Send as SMS slider to “On.” If your iMessage fails to send due to a poor WiFi signal or unavailability of iMessage, then this feature will convert your iMessage message to a traditional 140-character text message. Then, it will count against your iPhone’s messaging plan.
  1. Turn the MMS Messaging slider to “On” to allow picture messages to be sent via iMessage. You can also turn on the Group Messaging slider to participate in group chats.

Sending SMS From an Apple Device

  1. Open “Messages” on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch., or Mac computer.
Source: WikiHow
  1. Tap the pencil and paper icon to open a new blank message. Enter the person’s  name, email address, or phone number in the “To” field. If that person has an Apple device, the contact turns blue.
Source: WikiHow
  1. Type your message in the “Text Message” field. Press “Send”. You can read your messages and replies in the space above.

Sending Messages From a Non-Apple Device

For the same, users can install Viber, Kik, or WhatsApp to chat with a non-Apple user. Open the app, compose a message and send it. The recipient must have the same app installed on their iPhone to receive the message.

Use Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, to send a message from your computer to an iPhone. You’ll have to be logged in to a Google+ or Facebook account on a computer. The other person will receive your message if they have this app installed on their device.

Send a message from either your computer or your smartphone using Google Voice. If you have a Google Voice number, log in to the Voice app. Write and send your message. The recipient will receive it in the Messages app, and any replies and messages received will count against their iPhone’s messaging plan.