Reddit users can upvote or downvote posts. However, you may not be able to check out the upvotes and downvotes but the net vote count only. Net vote count simply means the difference between upvotes and downvotes (upvotes – downvotes) and the percentage of positive and negative votes on any post across any thread on Reddit. 

Post’s vote totals

You can find vote totals on Reddit’s front page or the forum’s front, placed right adjacent to the post. 

Comment’s vote totals

You can see a comment’s vote totals placed adjacent to the comment

Steps to find rough vote distribution numbers

Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t offer real-time vote count primarily for two reasons. The main cause could be to prevent spammers from checking out filtered comments. The second reason could be replacing a fuzzed-up system where the net was exact but the votes were adjusted randomly. 

Here’s how you can access the rough vote count on a Reddit post:

  1. From a Reddit page, click on a comment link to find the corresponding post 
  1. Check for the upvote percentage on the thread page