Sharing screens can help in strengthening communication via training, demos and project meetings. Sharing screens ensure consistency and encourage a sense of community, supporting remote workers. Top Screen sharing programs let you join meetings and share screens on Mac, Linux and Windows. Go ToMeeting is one such platform. 

Here’s how you can share screen through “Go ToMeeting” on different platforms:

  1. Sign in to and click “Meet Now” to launch a meeting immediately
  1. Click on the screen icon on the “Grab Tab” to open the screen sharing pane
  2. Select what you want to share; the entire screen or specific app from the drop-down menu
  3. When you’re ready to share, click the “Play” button above the drop-down menu
  1. Click “Pause” to stop sharing 
  2. When you’re finished, stop sharing by clicking “Stop”

How to screen share on a PC

  1. Sign in to or at to launch a meeting
  2. Select a screen sharing option by tapping on the screen button
  3. Click “Share” when you’re ready to share
  4. If you want a new view you can open the “Screen Share” tab and select one from the drop-down menu
  1. Hover over any one of the option and select the one that suits you for your meeting
  2. Use the “Attendee” tab to make someone else a presenter or you can give access to your screen, mouse and keyboard while you can stay as the presenter
  1. You can stop sharing by tapping on the screen icon

Best ways to share your screen 

  1. Preview your screen before the meeting. Turn off your notifications. Check your internet access speed and ensure a good connection
  2. Organize the files and documents beforehand
  3. Use a headset and not a speakerphone. An inbuilt microphone in a headset will help your voice come clear 
  4. Notify participants when you are sharing
  5. Give the control of screen sharing keyboard and mouse to other participants
  6. Encourage presenter swap and allow other participants to share without permission