Everything is more enjoyable on the huge screen.

So, in case you want to mirror the Android to the Roku to have a cheerful evening just follow the given below guide. And be mindful of the fact Roku Express 3700 or Roku Express+ 3710 do not have the feature of mirroring Android.

The given below guide is prepared to take into account all the nitty-gritty you have to follow in order to mirror the Android to the Roku.

How to Check the model of Roku?

Step 1: Pick up the Roku remote and head to the Main Menu, located on the homepage. Then, scroll down to find, “Settings”, and select it.

Roku Main Menu

Step 2: First, select “System”, and then, “About”, to access the info about the model of your Roku.

Roku Settings Menu

Does Your Android Support Screen Mirroring?

Make sure that the Android you are using is capable of mirroring.

Step 1: Open up the Settings app on the Android device.

Step 2: Scroll through, and select, “About”.

Android Settings Menu

Note: Not every Android phone uses, “Screen Mirroring” as their word to describe their feature. They use alternative words as such; screencasting, HTC connect, Smart View, Wireless Display, Quick Connect, and others.

In case you cannot make sense of the given information. Google whether or not your phone can do screen mirroring.

How to Start Screen Mirroring on Your Android Device?

Step 1: Make sure that Roku and Android are updated. If not, update their system. 

Step 2: Open up Settings on the Android.

Android Settings widget

Step 3: Go to the section from where you can connect your Android to other devices. Here, select, “Media output” (name can differ for your Android).

Android Settings menu

Step 4: Select Roku.

Android Mirroring page

How to Receive Screen Mirroring on Your Roku Device?

In case you don’t receive a prompt to mirror a screen from your Android device after performing the steps mentioned above, here are the steps to follow to enable screen mirroring on your Roku device.

Step 1: Pick up the Roku remote, and select, “Home”.

Roku Remote Home button

Step 2: Select “Settings”.

Roku Main Menu

Step 3: Scroll through, select, “System”.

Roku Settings page

Step 4: Select, “Screen mirroring”.

Roku System menu

Step 5: Select, “Screen mirroring devices”.

Roku Screen Mirroring settings

Step 6: Lastly look under the “Always allowed devices” section whether you have allowed your Android device to mirror.

📺 How to Mirror Android to Roku

How to make Adjustments to screen mirroring?

Step 1: Pick up the Roku remote, and press, “Home”.

Roku Remote Home button

Step 2: Scroll through and select, “Settings”.

Roku Main Menu

Step 3: Select, “System”.

Roku Settings page

Step 4: Scroll through and select, “Screen mirroring”.

Roku System menu

Step 5: Then, under Screen mirroring mode, you’ll find three options:

  1. Prompt
  2. Always allow 
  3. Never allow it

Select, “Prompt”. So, every time a device will try to screen your screen, you will receive a notification.

Roku Screen Mirror settings page

If you’re the only user of that particular Roku, it’s probably safe to set it to Always allow. If you don’t live alone, go for Prompt.