Uber now has the ability to schedule a ride in advance! If you have an important meeting, a plane to catch, or anything else you need to schedule in advance, Uber has a scheduling feature to do just that! Please read below for a step by step guide to scheduling an Uber in advance, so you can make sure you arrive at your destination on time!


1. Open the Uber app. If you haven’t downloaded and signed up for Uber, you’ll have to do that first before continuing.

2. Tap the button labeled ‘Now’. It has a clock located next to it.

3. Schedule a time and date, then tap ‘Set’. You’ll be able to scroll through different dates on the left hand side, and you can set the time on the right hand side.

4. Enter your destination, then tap the exact location. You can type in the address, the name of the business you’re going to, or a cross street. Uber will show location options below your input. Make sure to tap the destination you’d like to go to.

5. Select a transportation mode. The most frequent modes of transportation for Uber riders are:

  • UberPool: This is the cheapest Uber option, but it isn’t always available. You save some money, but sometimes it takes longer to reach your destination because your driver will most likely pick up other riders along the way.
  • UberX: This is the standard Uber option. You can ride by yourself, but you can also have up to four people in this ride.
  • Uber Comfort: This is an Uber ride that guarantees you will have leg room.
  • Uber XL: This is the largest Uber ride that allows you to ride with up to 6 people total if you’re in a large group.
  • Uber Black: This is a high end, luxury ride. It is a more expensive option, but you get to ride in a luxurious car.

6. Tap the ‘Schedule’. It will be located at the bottom of your screen.

7. Confirm your pickup location. Uber will use your GPS to guess your location. If the location looks wrong, tap the address and replace it with an accurate location.

8. You’re done! Uber will give you a notification to remind you of your scheduled trip.