If you’re thinking to cancel, upgrade or move your Xfinity device, visit Xfinity’s digital return center at http://xfinity.com/returns and follow the instructions to return your device. 

You can use this digital center even if you are logged out of your Xfinity account. There are four different ways users can follow to return their rented equipment. 

Initiate your return online and send your equipment back with a prepaid UPS shipping label

  1. Sign in to your account and visit the “Equipment Return” page
  1. Check the device(s) you want to return and click on the “Continue” option. 

Please note: if you’re returning devices such as a TV, click on “Identify device.” That way Comcast will send a verification signal to the device. You’ll get the confirmation message on the device’s display. 

  1. Select an appropriate reason to return and click on “Continue”
  2. Choose a return option, follow the listed instructions and press “Confirm”
  3. If you select UPS prepaid shipping, a UPS prepaid shipping label will be available on the screen. Print this label for your package
  1. Put the equipment back in the shipping box and place your UPS shipping label. The top of the label with the tracking number included is your receipt. Keep it with you. 
  2. Call 1- 800- PICK-UPS to schedule your at-home pickup. Alternatively, you can drop off the package whichever place UPS accepts shipments from. 

Stop by a local UPS store

  1. Find your nearest UPS store by visiting https://www.theupsstore.com/tools/find-a-store
  2. You may either pack your equipment yourself at home or you can take the equipment and the prepaid label to the store where a UPS representative will pack it for you and ship your equipment back
  1. If the equipment is packed by a UPS representative, you will get a receipt with order details and tracking ID. Track your package at https://xfinity.com/returns 

Staying in the loop 

If you have an email address attached to the file, you will receive a confirmation email from Xfinity. This email will include all necessary details including date of shipment, application processed.

Visit us at the Xfinity store or Comcast service center

  1. Find an Xfinity store or a Comcast service center near you and make an appointment at http://xfinity.com/stores 
  1. Drop off your equipment at any Xfinity store or Comcast service center. Your devices will be removed immediately from your account once you return the devices
  2. You’ll be provided with a confirmation receipt by the store members at the earliest