There may be time when you would either have updated or formatted your cell phones. Resetting phones and retrieving older settings seem to be a tough task for most people. Resetting means you will lose all the changes you’ve made. Thus do save a backup of all valuable data on your phone before you actually hit the reset button.

In this guide you will learn how to reset your Samsung phone safely in just 5 easy steps. 

Resetting your Samsung phone 

  1. Switch on the phone and click on the menu button
  1. Click on settings and select phone settings
  1. Select security and select reset settings. Depending on your phone you’ll get the option of restore factory settings or you will be asked which settings are to be restored, display, sound etc
  1. Reset phone by selecting restore factory settings or by clicking on all and confirm by clicking yes button
  1. Reset your Samsung cell phone to implement the setting changes