Setting up a password for your FIOS router could be an annoying and lengthy task for most users. But, it’s the single biggest defense that will keep unwanted users from connecting with your Verizon FIOS. Hacking default passwords are easy and it is advisable to change your passwords repeatedly. 

If you’re struggling to log in to your Verizon FIOS router, follow the set of instructions given below to reset the password to the factory defaults.

Logging Into Your Router

Open on your browser. and enter the username and password to get into the settings.

Resetting Verizon Router’s Password 

Every Verizon router has a Reset button on the back of it (with a red circle around it). Press the reset button (using a sharp object like a pen) to reset the router to factory defaults. Hold it down until all the lights on the router blink and turn off, and then back on. This process will take around 10-30 seconds.

The default password will be one of the following, so try these. 

  • “Password” 
  • “admin” – the password may be changed to admin. However, it is supposed to be changed to the serial number.
  • Serial Number – Every router has a serial number present on the sticker on the back. Usually, the password is changed to match this number.
  • Blank – For some routers the password field should be left blank, by default, at least.

However, if you are still unable to login, then resetting is the only option left.

Various Verizon Router Models

Given below is a table with all the Verizon router models along with the default passwords for each.

Model Number Verizon MI424WRVerizon 9100VMVerizon 9100EMD-Link VDI-624Actiontec MI424WR
Username Admin Admin Admin Admin Admin 
Password Password Password Password Blank Password 

Changing Your Router Password

Once you’re able to successfully login (for the first time), you’ll be advised to change the password. However, if you managed to login without having to reset it, then, you should go to the Quick Links section on the left-hand side, and click on the “Change Login User Name / Password” tab.

Password Managers Like LastPass Don’t Work

The router password dialog box doesn’t work right with password managers such as LastPass.

You can just use LastPass to copy the password to the clipboard, and then manually paste it into the password box.

P.S. If you’re using another router internally for your network, then, you should disable WEP on the Verizon router.