The way people now approach watching TV has altered drastically. With the advent of OTTs and tablets, the craze of owning a TV, especially, a Samsung TV, is quite different. Therefore, if you are planning to get a new Samsung TV set, registering it with the manufacturer can save you from a ton of trouble.

It enables Samsung to send you any due recalls, protects warranties, and offers you access to information and ongoing support and contact.

Here’s how you can get yourself registered:

Steps to Register your Samsung TV

  1. Copy your serial number and registration number which you will find on the back of your set or on the right side of your set in a small label
  1. Visit the Samsung website and click on the product registration link on the top right
  1.  You’ll be asked for some information such as name, email and zip code. Fill in all the fields and click on the submit button
  1. You will be directed to a My Samsung screen click on the My Account tab 
  1. Fill in the Product information fields. You would need to fill everything marked with a red asterisk. You may choose to not fill in other fields. This is where you will need your serial number 
  1. The next screen, Preferences, will ask you to select information which Samsung should send you if any. If you want you can fill in the additional information. Once you’re done click submit button
  2. Click Ok on the Account Updated Successfully alert that pops up and you’re done.